3D Printing

pdf Download a 3D printing brochure.

Create models, prototypes, mechanical fittings, art, and more with our 3D printer.

Where? Technology Services, 1st Floor

Who can use the printer? Students, faculty, and staff who would like to use the 3D printer must have a valid MTSU ID and an active profile in the Library system (Sierra). Academic projects get priority.

What size can I print? Up to 6"x6"x6"

How much does it cost: $4.00 per hour; $2.00 per hour for academic projects. Minimum charge is $4.00. Small projects may take more than one hour and more complex jobs may take a few days. Consult with Tech Services staff on cost estimates for projects. Charges will be applied to the user's library account and must be paid online.* If your project is for academic purposes, a new design, or an upgrade to an existing design, you may apply for a free print job, awarded at the discretion of library administration. See details.

owl made by 3D printer

How long does it take? Small projects may take more than one hour; complex jobs may take a few days. We will attempt to complete your job within 7 days. The print will be attempted at least 3 times before declared a fail. A Tech Services staff member will contact you when your job is completed.

What colors can I use? Several color choices are available, but at this time, only one color may be used per model. Color swatches are available for viewing at the Tech Services desk.

Where do I find models to print? We accept only .STL files, and files must be on a flash drive. Thingiverse is an awesome source for 3D models intended to be printed. Or design your own models using any 3D modeling software – 3D Studio, Blender, Solid Works, Tinkercad, AutoCAD, Google Sketchup, etc. As long as it can export the model to an .STL file, the printer can accept it. We do not edit your model except to downsize to the maximum size. We do not clean your model after it is completed

makerbot 3d printer
video See the MakerBot in action in this video by MTSU students

What materials are used? The Library’s 3D printer uses a plastic made from corn starch called Polylactic Acid or PLA for short.  Because PLA is plant based, it will biodegrade over time when exposed to continuous moisture. You can view available colors on our display swatch ring.

What kind of printer is it? The Library’s 3D printer is a MakerBot Replicator 2®.  The Replicator 2® has a steel chassis and body panels made of PVC plastic.  It includes an acrylic build plate and uses PLA filament.  

pdf Download a 3D printing brochure.

Contact: For more information, contact the Tech Services desk at 615-898-5666 or email Valerie Hackworth at valerie.hackworth@mtsu.edu.


*Unpaid fees may result in a "hold" on the user's MTSU account, which may prevent class registration and other activities.