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James E. Walker Library
Middle Tennessee State University
Box 13
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

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Suggestions and Comments

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Library Directory

Alphabetical Staff Directory

Departments and Units

Phone (615)
Condit, Kaye Book Orders 904-8515 Kaye.Condit@mtsu.edu
Mangrum, Suzanne Acquisitions Librarian 904-8517 Suzanne.Mangrum@mtsu.edu
Richardson, Cheryl Standing Orders 904-8522 Cheryl.Richardson@mtsu.edu
Wales, Lisa Book Orders 904-8523 Lisa.Wales@mtsu.edu
Administration -- 898-2772
Allen, Bonnie Dean of the Library 898-2772 Bonnie.Allen@mtsu.edu
Brunas, Nicole Service Desk 904-8533 Nicole.Brunas@mtsu.edu
Fann, Ricky Service Desk 904-8533 Ricky.Fann@mtsu.edu
Hight, Julie Assistant to the Dean 898-2521 Julie.Hight@mtsu.edu
Johnson, Eddie Service Desk 904-8533 Edward.Johnson@mtsu.edu
Keene, Kristen External Relations 898-5376 Kristen.Keene@mtsu.edu
Kurtz, Rick Service Desk 904-8535 Richard.Kurtz@mtsu.edu
Morton, Jackie Account Clerk 898-5462 Jackie.Morton@mtsu.edu
Plemons, Melanie Executive Aide 898-2772 Melanie.Plemons@mtsu.edu
Dambiinyam, Enerel Cataloging Librarian 898-5144 Enerel.Dambiinyam@mtsu.edu 
Field, Kathy Authority Control Librarian 904-8520 Kathy.Field@mtsu.edu
Randles, Zinia Cataloging Assistant 904-8514 Zinia.Randles@mtsu.edu
Turney, Linda Cataloging Librarian 904-8510 Linda.Turney@mtsu.edu 
Williams, Jo Cataloging Librarian 904-8521 Jo.Williams@mtsu.edu
Circulation - 898-2817 (option 2)
Colflesh, Peggy Circulation -- Stacks 898-5971 Peggy.Colflesh@mtsu.edu
Damaschun, Amanda Circulation -- Desk
898-2478 Amanda.Damaschun@mtsu.edu
Martin, Karen Circulation Assistant 904-8548 Karen.Martin@mtsu.edu
Collection Assessment and Development    
Kirk, Rachel Assessment Librarian 904-8518 Rachel.Kirk@mtsu.edu
Collection Development and Management      
  Hansard, Larry Integrated Systems Librarian 904-8516 Larry.Hansard@mtsu.edu
Kazee, Katy Materials Payments 898-3273 Katy.Kazee@mtsu.edu
Nelson, David Chair , Collection Dev't and Mgmt 898-2529 David.Nelson@mtsu.edu
  Norris, Sherry Library Assistant/Mail 904-8511 Sherry.Norris@mtsu.edu
Carlton, Jennifer Curriculum Assistant 898-2799 Jen.Carlton@mtsu.edu
Piper, Erin Curriculum Assistant 898-2543 Erin.Piper@mtsu.edu
Ralston, Kim Curriculum Assistant 904-8147 Kim.Ralston@mtsu.edu
Reed, Karen Education Librarian 494-8641 Karen.Reed@mtsu.edu
Distance Learning Services
Parente, Sharon Distance Learning Services 898-2549 Sharon.Parente@mtsu.edu
Digital Initiatives
  Ken Middleton Digital Initiatives Librarian 904-8524 Ken.Middleton@mtsu.edu
Digital Media Studio - 904-8526
Duke, Lynda DMS Manager 904-8525 Linda.Duke@mtsu.edu
Interlibrary Loan
Dowdy, Jackie Interlibrary Loan Librarian 898-5104 Jacqueline.Dowdy@mtsu.edu
Middleton, Pam Library Ass't, Borrows and Loans 904-8549 Pam.Middleton@mtsu.edu
Library Technology 898-5666    
Burks, Amy Systems Specialist 904-8508 Amy.Burks@mtsu.edu
Camp, Al Computer Operations Specialist 904-8538 Al.Camp@mtsu.edu
Foster, Justin Computer Operations Specialist 904-8543 Justin.Foster@mtsu.edu
Hackworth, Valerie Coordinator, Technology Services 904-8545 Valerie.Hackworth@mtsu.edu
McClain, Neal Head, Library Technology 898-2572 Neal.McClain@mtsu.edu
Wheaton, Mike Systems Administrator 898-5043 Michael.Wheaton@mtsu.edu
Microtext - 904-8526
Duke, Lynda Microtext and DMS Assistant 904-8525 Linda.Duke@mtsu.edu
Periodicals - 904-8539
McLean, Gale Reference and Periodicals Assistant 898-2819 Wilma.Mclean@mtsu.edu
Reference & Instruction -- 904-8539 (Reference Desk) or 904-8530 (Instruction Scheduling)
Dearing, Karen Reference Librarian 494-8868 Karen.Dearing@mtsu.edu
O'Grady, Melissa Reference Assistant 904-8537 Melissa.Ogrady@mtsu.edu
Parente, Sharon Reference & Instruction, Distance Learning 898-2549 Sharon.Parente@mtsu.edu
Vance, Jason Information Literacy Librarian 494-7871 Jason.Vance@mtsu.edu
Vesper, Ginny Reference Librarian 898-2806 Ginny.Vesper@mtsu.edu
West, Kristen Instruction Librarian 904-8528 K.West@mtsu.edu
Williams, Gwen Instruction Scheduling 904-8530 Gwen.Williams@mtsu.edu
York, Amy Web Services Librarian 898-2535 Amy.York@mtsu.edu
Burkhardt, Suzy Reserves Manager 904-8544 Suzy.Burkhardt@mtsu.edu
Special Collections
Boehm, Alan Special Collections Librarian 904-8501 Alan.Boehm@mtsu.edu
Hanson, Susan Library Specialist 904-8503 Susan.Hanson@mtsu.edu
Serials & Government Documents
Butler-Click, Toni Serials Assistant/Bindery and payments 904-8513 Toni.Butler-Click@mtsu.edu
Geckle, Beverly Serials & Government Docs. Librarian 904-8519 Beverly.Geckle@mtsu.edu
Matson, Nan Serials Assistant/Electronic Resources order and contracts 904-8512 Nan.Matson@mtsu.edu
User Services - 904-8530      
  Baker, Grover Visual & Performing Arts Librarian 494-7784 Grover.Baker@mtsu.edu
Groves, Christy Chair of User Services 898-2652 Christy.Groves@mtsu.edu
  Reese, Jean Media Collection 898-2725 Jean.Reese@mtsu.edu
  Sloane, Mary Ellen Science Librarian 898-2526 MaryEllen.Sloane@mtsu.edu
Williams, Gwen Secretary & Instruction Scheduling 904-8530 Gwen.Williams@mtsu.edu
Web Services      
York, Amy Web Services Librarian 898-2535 Amy.York@mtsu.edu