Walker Library

Library Usage Policy

The James E. Walker Library supports the academic needs of students by providing library materials, technology and services in an environment that is conducive to research and coursework, including collaborative work among students. To help maintain this learning environment, please observe the following:


  • Turn cell phones off or set to vibrate. Take necessary conversations to the atrium or outside.
  • Keep voices low in consideration of others. Take casual conversations to the atrium or outside.
  • The third and fourth floor book stacks areas and the third floor Curriculum Collection are designated as Quiet Zones, as are certain rooms in other parts of the Library (look for Quiet Zone signs). No cell phone use or conversation is permitted in Quiet Zones except in group studies. Conversations in group studies must be kept low.
  • Set the volume low on audio devices to prevent sound bleeding from headphones or earbuds.

Food, Drink and Related Items

  • Limit food to snack items and drinks to covered containers only.
  • Place food waste and drink containers in designated bins. Report spills to the service desk.
  • This is a tobacco-free building. Electronic cigarettes are not permitted.

Safety and Security

  • Personal belongings are subject to inspection.
  • Surveillance equipment may be in use. 
  • You are required to show your ID if requested by any Library employee.
  • Service animals are the only animals permitted in the building.
  • Activities that are loud, disruptive or otherwise hinder normal use of the Library by others are prohibited.
  • In case of a fire alarm, tornado warning or other emergency, follow instructions from Library staff.
  • Children 12 and under must stay with a parent or guardian while in the building.

Computer Use Policies

  • MTSU students performing research and class work have priority for computer use.  As a depository of government publications, Library staff will make accommodation for users needing access to online US government publications. Others may be asked to relinquish their computer .
  • Library staff will use their discretion in determining if computer use is appropriate during times of high demand.
  • The University’s Information Technology Resources Policy applies to all use of Library computers.  
  • The Library does not monitor information accessed from public computers and cannot be held accountable for the actions of individual users.
  • Observe relevant copyright laws and regulations.
  • Community members not affiliated with MTSU may request a daily password for computer use.
  • Free printing in the Library is funded by student fees for instructional purposes. Community members may be prohibited from excessive use of this resource.

Group Studies

  • Groups of two or more students have priority for use of group studies. Single users may be asked to move.
  • Specific policies and procedures apply for the reservation of group studies on the fourth floor.

The following behaviors in the Library will result in an order to leave the building, campus disciplinary action and/or legal prosecution. MTSU campus police will be called at the discretion of Library administrative staff.

  • Removing or attempting to remove Library materials or property without proper checkout.
  • Vandalizing the Library building, furniture or equipment.
  • Rollerblading, skateboarding or skating in the Library.
  • Carrying weapons in the Library unless authorized by law.
  • Bringing any unauthorized animal into the Library.
  • Threatening Library patrons or staff.
  • Failing to cease any disruptive activity when instructed to do so by Library staff.
  • Using Library computers for the viewing of pornography or other material that creates a hostile or harassing environment for others.
  • Stealing the personal belongings of another Library patron.