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Why Private Support Is So Important

At MTSU, the future is Bright!
. The largest undergraduate enrollment in the state of Tennessee.
. First choice of valedictorians and salutatorians in the state.
. Increasing ACT scores for freshmen each year.
. Rapidly growing graduate programs of quality.
. Continual (it seems!) construction projects and frequent additions of new programs.

As MTSU prepares for its second century, the library has secured a firm place in the education of students for making effective contributions to the global community. An excellent university can be measured, in part, by the strength of its library. Through strong book collections, access to carefully selected research articles, award winning study facilities and a proactive focus on student learning, the staff of the library work daily to meet information and research needs.

To accomplish its goals, the library relies on support from alumni and friends. Private donations are a regular part of funding library operations and an important component of student success. There are a number of WAYS YOU CAN HELP ensure that the library continues to provide the resources and services necessary for a strong university.

Library Priorities

Collection Enhancement
Excellent research collections are the core of the library's mission. Today, these include online resources as well as traditional printed books and magazines. Private donations provide the resources we need to keep collections strong and support new areas of growth at the university.

Faculty Support
Endowed positions in the library allow us to acquire important research materials and provide general support for library operations. Private funds support the endowed position while salary can be used for special needs.

Facilities Development
The university learning environment continues to evolve and, with it, the library's role. As the format for information changes, and the approach to teaching and learning grows, it is important to provide the proper environment for learning and study. Whether it be creating a new type of lab, establishing a collaborative study space, or giving students the tools they need to prepare and practice presentations, the library must continue to adapt in order to meet the educational needs of students.

Special Projects
Sometimes a project doesn't fit neatly into one of the established categories. The special projects fund pursues innovative initiatives that will benefit students in special ways.