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Popular Reading Books

Yes, we do have "fun" books!

The Popular Reading collection, located in the Lounge on the 1st floor, consists of fiction and non-fiction books from the New York Times Bestseller list.

Borrowing Policies for the Popular Reading collection

Because these are high demand non-academic books, the borrowing term is shorter than for our regular collection. Each book in the Popular Reading collection checks out for 2 weeks with one renewal for all user types. See additional policies.

More "Fun" Fiction

If you like fiction, check out the 800's in the 4th floor main collection. The call numbers indicate time period and language or nationality. Within those numbers, books will be alphabetized by author. Here is some of what you'll find:

813.54 - 813.6 Contemporary American Fiction
823 Contemporary British Fiction
830  German & related literatures
840  French & related literatures
850  Italian, Romanian & related literatures
860  Spanish & Portuguese literatures
870  Latin & Italic literatures
880  Classical & modern Greek literatures
890  Other literatures (includes Asian and African, among others)

Fun Stuff for Kids

The Curriculum Collection on the 3rd floor houses a collection similar to what you might find in an elementary or middle school. Check out a picture book or young adult novel for yourself or someone you like to read to.


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New Bestsellers in the Popular Reading Collection (see more)