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Information for MTSU Students

This page answers frequently asked questions about Circulation policies and procedures for MTSU students.

Borrowing privileges
Overdue fines
Lost or damaged books
Notification of overdue books
Holds on your student records
Loss of borrowing privileges
Payment options
Renewing books online
Placing holds on books that are checked out
Recalling books that are checked out
TALC (Tennessee Academic Library Collaborative) Universal Borrower's Card
Valid Identification

Borrowing privileges

• Undergraduates may borrow up to fifty (50) books or other items. The circulation period is four weeks and each item may be renewed once.
• Graduate students may borrow up to fifty (50) books or other items. The circulation period is four weeks and each item may be renewed up to three times within the semester.
• Items borrowed from the Reserves Desk do not count toward the item limit.
• Graduate students are also permitted to borrow bound periodicals for up to one week with permission of a reference librarian.

Overdue fines

• Books and other materials borrowed from the Circulation Desk are subject to overdue fines of 10 cents per day.
• Overdue fines are not charged for days that the library is not open.
• The maximum amount charged for any overdue item is $27.
• Materials from the Reserves Desk have a separate fee schedule.
• Fines will not appear in your account until the overdue materials are returned.
• Some materials that are returned soon after their due date will not incur a fee because of a lag time in computer processing. However, there is no “grace period” for overdue materials and fines may be charged for every day that an item is overdue.
• Any item that becomes 90 days overdue will automatically be recorded as “Lost” and the borrower’s account will be charged the cost of the book plus a $20 processing fee. If the book is returned within 180 days those charges will be removed but the appropriate overdue fines will be charged.

Lost or damaged books

• If you lose a book or damage it beyond use, you will be required to pay for the replacement plus a $20 processing fee. This covers our cost of researching, purchasing and cataloging a new copy.
• When an item is first reported as lost (this happens automatically 90 days past its due date), a default replacement cost of $50 may be charged to your account. However, we make every effort to identify the actual replacement cost for lost and damaged books and are sometimes able to reduce that amount.
• If you pay for a lost item but find it and return it within 180 days of the billing date (or within 270 days of the due date), we will refund the amount that you paid for replacement. The processing fee is non-refundable.
•Items cannot be returned after being in billed status for 6 months (270 days after the due date). Payment of the replacement and processing fees will be the only way to clear your Banner account.
• If you damage a book but it can be repaired or rebound, you will be charged a flat fee of $20.
• If you have extenuating circumstances, you may initiate an appeal at the Circulation Desk.

Notification of overdue books

• Each time you borrow a book or other item from the circulation desk, it will be stamped with the date due. The stamp is usually placed in the inside back cover of the book. This stamp is your notification of the due date.
• As a courtesy, we also attempt to notify you by email when books are overdue. A series of emails are sent to the address provided by you to the University.
• If materials are long overdue or lost we will send notification by postal mail to the address provided by you to the University.

Holds on your student records

• The Library is required by the University to place a “hold” on your student record if you owe $5.00 or more in fines and fees. This will prevent you from receiving grades or transcripts from the University until your account is settled.
• Your record will be cleared on the business day following the day you pay your fines.

Loss of borrowing privileges

• A student who incurs library fines or fees of $20.00 or more will be blocked from borrowing additional materials until their account has been resolved.

Payment options

• The library cannot accept payments for fines or fees in person. All payments must be made online.

TALC (Tennessee Academic Library Collaborative)

• As an MTSU student you are entitled to borrow materials from any other public community college or university in Tennessee. This includes all community college and university campuses of the Board of Regents (Motlow State, Tennessee Tech University, Tennessee State University, etc.) and campuses of the University of Tennessee.
• You may pick up your TALC card at the Walker Library Circulation Desk by presenting your student ID.
• You will present your card, along with your valid MTSU student ID, at the campus where you would like to borrow books.
• The circulation policies of the loaning library will apply to any materials you borrow. For example, the loan period may be shorter than at MTSU. You are responsible for returning the materials to the library from which you borrowed them and for paying any fines or fees that may occur.
• TALC cards for students expire at the end of each semester. You will need to renew your card if it is needed in subsequent semesters.
• Contact Amanda Damaschun (Amanda.Damaschun@mtsu.edu) with questions about the TALC program for MTSU students.

Valid Identification

• MTSU students must present a valid MTSU student ID card anytime they want to check out materials at the Circulation Desk. No exceptions will be made.