Walker Library

Funds for New Faculty

The Collection Management area of Walker Library would like to encourage new MTSU faculty to take advantage of the many library resources available both in the library and online and to take an active interest in the collections, advising us of new or missing resources.  

At the same time, we realize that new faculty may be teaching new courses or working on research that requires resources that we do not have. To assist the faculty and the academic departments, the Acquisitions area is adding $500.00 to the allocation for each new tenure-track faculty member in the department during their first year at MTSU.

These funds should be spent on books or other one-time expenditures, which will be placed in the library. Faculty members receiving funds should send requests directly to Suzanne Mangrum, Box 13. If the new faculty members do not use their funds this year, the funds may be used by the academic department.

If you have any questions, please contact Suzanne Mangrum, ext. 8517.  

2010-2011 New Tenure-Track Faculty

New Faculty Member
Library Liaison
Biology Elliot Altman
Chemistry Charles Chusuei
Electronic Media Kevin McNulty
English Amy Kaufman
English Laura White
Foreign Languages Andrew Demil
Geosciences Christopher Schaney
Health & Human Performance Kelly Bloom
Health & Human Performance John Coons
Health & Human Performance Yun Soo Lee
Mathematical Sciences Diana Cheng
Music Arunesh Nadgir
Nursing Shelly Moore
Physics & Astronomy John Wallin
Psychology Mark Frame
Psychology Seth Marshall
Speech & Theatre Kyle Kennedy
Speech & Theatre Xiaowei Shi


To find a liaison for another department not listed here, please go to the liaison page.