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For many years we have worked with a faculty member from each department to select materials for specific subject areas.  Now we are in the process of creating a liaison program within the library to partner a librarian with each department.  We hope that this program will create an atmosphere of collaboration between the library and the faculty by increasing communication.


  • Establish systematic channels of communication with the faculty
  • Respond to faculty questions and requests effectively
  • Target specific needs of departments and schools and channel feedback to the library
  • Promote library resources and services
  • Encourage faculty participation in collection development
  • Select resources for particular subject areas

Our first priority is to establish a liaison to work with doctoral programs. We have also assigned librarians to other departments as needed. At this time we have liaisons for the following subjects: Accounting, Aerospace Studies, Agribusiness, Electronic Media Commincations, Economics and Finance, English, Human Performance, History, Literacy Sciences, Nursing, Foreign Languages and Literature, Criminal Justice, Management and Marketing, Math and Science Education, Molecular Biology, Music, Psychology, and Social Work.

There is also a library contact person for each department that does not have a liaison. Please feel free to contact the librarian serving as a liaison to your department if you have any questions. A complete list of the liaisons, faculty representatives, and library contact information can be found below.

Departmental Faculty Representative and Library Liaison

Faculty Representative
Library Liaison
Accounting Tammy Bahmanziari Rachel Kirk
Aerospace Ronald Ferrara Neil Scott
Agribusiness/Animal Science Kevin Downs Mary Ellen Pozzebon
Art Debra Sickler-Voight Kristen West
Biology George Murphy Christy Groves
BCEN Ronda Henderson Rachel Kirk
Chemistry Andrew Burden Suzanne Mangrum
Computational Science John Wallin Suzanne Mangrum
Computer Info. Systems Mirza Murtaza Suzanne Mangrum
Computer Science Cen Li Suzanne Mangrum
Criminal Justice Deborah Newman Sue Alexander
Curriculum Library Sue Thetford Rachel Kirk
Economics Mamit Deme Rachel Kirk
Ed. Leadership Kathy Boudreau Suzanne Mangrum
Electronic Media Robert Kalwinsky Heather Lambert
Elem/Special Ed. Alyson Bass Amy York
Literature & Literary Criticism
Carl Ostrowski Alan Boehm
Composition, Rhetoric & Linguistics
Carl Ostrowski
Eng. Tech/Industry Studies Marcus Knight Suzanne Mangrum
Finance Chuck Beauchamp Rachel Kirk
Foreign Languages Nancy Goldberg Jo Williams
Geosciences Warner Cribb Suzanne Mangrum
Global Studies Doug Heffington Suzanne Mangrum
History Jim Williams Ken Middleton
HPERS Sandy Neal Sharon Parente
Human Sciences Dana Miller Sue Alexander
Journalism Dave Badger Sharon Parente
Library Services Kathy Boudreau Suzanne Mangrum
Literacy Studies Jwa Kim Amy York
Management Joe Thomas Neil Scott
Marketing Cheryl Ward Neil Scott
Math & Science Education Ginger Rowell Suzanne Mangrum
Mathematical Science Dennis Walsh Suzanne Mangrum
Military Science Steve Daugherty Suzanne Mangrum
Molecular Biology Elliot Altman Christy Groves
Music Sarah Brown Mayo Taylor
Nursing Brandi Lindsey Jackie Dowdy
Philosophy Phil Oliver Suzanne Mangrum
Physics/Astronomy Donna Wolke Suzanne Mangrum
Political Science John Maynor Suzanne Mangrum
Psychology Gloria Hamilton Sue Alexander
Recording Industry Michael Flemming Suzanne Mangrum
Social Work Sandra Wexler Virginia Vesper
Sociology/Anthropology Shannon Hodge Suzanne Mangrum
Speech & Theatre Richard Hansen Suzanne Mangrum
Women's Studies Ken Middleton Suzanne Mangrum

Selection Tools

Gobi 3

Gobi 3 Alerts are book title selections that are emailed to the faculty representatives by one of our vendors, Yankee Book Peddler (YBP). The alerts are based on each representative's subject area profile that has been created by the library. The alert can be emailed on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Contact your liaison if you have any questions. The link below will take you to a video tutorial.

Gobi 3 Alerts - Instructions

Gobi Infomation for librarians:

Choice Cards

Choice cards contain scholarly reviews of books for colleges and universities. Each card has a review by a subject expert, gives the readership level, and a recommendation. The print cards are sent to faculty representatives each month. Choice online is also available on the library's website. Choice online allows users who create an account to to view all Choice cards, past and present, that fit their search parameters.