Walker Library

Ordering Process for Books and Serials

Selection of library resources

Each department has a library representative, appointed by his department. The library representative will be informed of a fund allocation for the purchase of library materials such as books and microtext. At present, new journal subscriptions are entered only when an existing subscription is canceled. Faculty interested in the purchase of electronic databases for the library should contact Mary Ellen Pozzebon. The library does not purchase video or audio formats.

The library representative is responsible for the following:

Requests for library materials should be forwarded to the library by the library representative.
The library representative should monitor the library allocation so that funds are spent equitably for each faculty member.
The library representative should act as a liaison between the library and the department concerning library resources and the library collection.
The library representative should distribute Choice Cards, Gobi Slip Notifications, or other information useful for selection to departmental faculty members.


Rachel Kirk, Acquisitions, 904-8518, Rachel.Kirk@mtsu.edu
(College of Business, College of Education, College of Mass Communication)

Suzanne Mangrum, Collection Development, 904-8517, Suzanne.Mangrum@mtsu.edu
(College of Basic and Applied Science, College of Liberal Arts)

John Hichcock, Interim Collection Management Coordinator, John.Hitchcock@mtsu.edu

Alan Boehm, Special Collections, 904-8501, aboehm@ulibnet.mtsu.edu

Mary Ellen Pozzebon, Electronic Resources, MaryEllen.Pozzebon@mtsu.edu

Book Requests

Anyone may request that a library purchase a book. Priority is given to requests from MTSU faculty, students and staff. You may submit order requests for books by using library request cards, Choice Cards, brochures, or sales catalogs. Mail to Collection Management, PO Box 13. Or, you may use the Book Order Request Form.

A helpful resource for book requests is Books in Print which is online at http://www.booksinprint.com/bip/. This new product includes a variety of search options, publisher information, links to book reviews, author biographies, and the ability to check MTSU library holdings. We can also set up a slip notification to be sent to you monthly. This is a list of newly published titles that fall within a speicified Library of Congress Classification range. It ensures that the recipient knows exactly what is being published in his or her area of interest. If you would like more information, please contact Suzanne Mangrum, 904-8517.

Library Request Cards, contact Lisa Wales, lwales@ulibnet.mtsu.edu, Acquisitions 904-8523.

You may use the Book Order Request Form to submit your requests electronically.

If you need a book that has been received by the library, but not yet cataloged, fill out the Rush Request for Materials in process.

Please provide complete and accurate information. Ordering is delayed if the card contains incomplete or incorrect information, because library staff must take additional time to contact the requestor for details or to search verification sources for correct information.

Rush Books

If you need the book by a particular date, or if the order needs to be rushed, please clearly indicate this on the request. If you need a book that has been received but is in process, please submit a Rush Request for Materials in process.

Journal Requests

New journals are ordered when present subscriptions are canceled. A large number of journals are available in full text through electronic databases. A listing of journals for your department can be obtained from Rachel Kirk 904-8518, Rachel.Kirk@mtsu.edu. Departments may review journal titles at any time. Cancellations/additions are due by September or early fall. The library also makes purchasing decisions through the Library Collection Development Committee. If you would like to submit a request to the committee, please contact Suzanne Mangrum, 904-8517.

A large number of journals are available in full text through electronic databases. To see a listing of journals available in full text see Journal Locator.


Requests for materials in microtext will be purchased from either the book allocation or from the periodicals budget.

Electronic Resources

Requests for new databases should be forwarded to Mary Ellen Pozzebon, MaryEllen.Pozzebon@mtsu.edu. Use the online forms to request a database trial or suggest a resource