Digital Media Studio

DMS LogoThe Digital Media Studio (DMS), located on the 2nd floor of the James E. Walker Library, offers knowledgeable staff who provide direction to appropriate resources, train users on the use of media applications and collaborate on projects. We offer the latest digital tools and unique facilities to enable the exploration of rich digital media for learning experiences, collaboration and creative expression. The Digital Media Studio is a welcoming, collaborative space for users of all abilities, disciplines, levels and interests.


The DMS is open all hours that the Library is open. See Library hours.



In-person training

When possible, our help desk staff will answer all questions immediately, but for in-depth questions we may suggest online training or a one-on-one appointment. We will not do your project for you, but we will assist in training on equipment and software.

Studio Tours: We would love to show you around the place! We would prefer to know in advance that you and/or your group are coming, but we will accommodate drop-ins as we can. To schedule a tour, call 615-904-8526 or email

Online Training

If you are a beginner or need comprehensive training on a software application, utilize the following online resources.

Lynda.comFor use only in the Digital Media Studio. offers comprehensive online training for dozens of software applications, from Photoshop and Dreamweaver to Access and Excel. You can watch video tutorials and try your hand at interactive practice sessions. Come to the Studio to log in from one of our computers, and use the training software while you build your project.

Adobe Creative Suite

Audacity (audio recording and editing) GimpShop (image editing) iLife

Copyright-friendly Media Sources

Find images that you can remix and reuse for your projects at our Media Sources guide.


  • 8 Dell PCs with 22" monitors
  • 12 iMacs with 27" monitors
  • Flatbed scanners on some PCs and some Macs
  • Slide scanner
  • Built-in SD card readers
  • Multi-format card readers for checkout
  • Pen tablets available for checkout
  • Headphones available for checkout
  • 1 black and white printer
  • 1 color printer: academic use only, .50 cents a page
  • Legal-sheet size laminator: $1.00 per sheet

Licensed Software: availability varies by computer

  • Adobe Creative Suite 4 for PC; Adobe Creative Suite 5 for Mac
  • iLife for Macs: iPhoto, iMovie GarageBand, iWeb, iDVD, Quicktime Player
  • iWork for Macs: Pages, Numbers, Keynote
  • Jing screen casting software: a free download
  • Office 2007 for PC; Office 2011 for Mac: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
  • Power DVD
  • Roxio Easy Media Creator

Open source software: availability varies by computer

  • GimpShop PC, Gimp Mac
  • DVDStyler
  • Audacity
  • Greenshot
  • Scribus
  • PrimoPDF
  • KompoZer
  • Nvu (PC only)
  • Open Laslo
  • Blender
  • (PC only)
  • inkscape
  • Jahshaka
  • VirtualDub (PC only)
  • Videothang (PC only)
  • icopy (PC only)

Finishing and Collaboration

  • Rolling white boards and dry erase markers
  • Tape, scissors, hole punch, paper cutter, mounting glue, staplers, glue sticks, markers
  • Prep table with overhead light
  • Legal sheet size laminator: $1.00 per sheet
  • Grid board, rulers, t-squares
  • (2) Two electric typewriters