How to Print

Printing from a Public Computer in the Library

Library pictureWhen you choose print, the print job will be sent to each of the printers in the computer area you are using.

Look for the name of your computer on the label at the top of the monitor.

The name of your computer will be listed on the printer station screen when you send a job.

Library picture


How to Use a GoPrint release station

1. Select your computer's name from the "GO PRINT" screen. You may need to press the "NEXT" button if the screen is full and your computer's name does not show up.

2. Select the bar of the job(s) you wish to print. The bar should become HIGHLIGHTED. If you have numerous print jobs, you may need to touch the Page Up or Down key on the lower right of the screen.

3. Touch the "CONTINUE" button at the bottom of the screen. Be careful as the "DISCARD" button is right next to it.

4. Touch the "PRINT" button.

5. Your print job(s) should start processing as soon as the printer is ready.

Note: PDF documents and PowerPoint slides take longer to print. GoPrint stations will only accept print jobs of less than 50 pages.

Color Printing

There are color printers available for MTSU students and employees at the Technology Services Desk on the 1st floor and in the second floor Digital Media Studio. The cost to print is $.30 per page, and the printers are reserved for academic purposes. To print, bring your file(s) to the desk on a portable storage device, such as a usb flash drive. The desk attendant will print your file for you.

Laptop Printing

Printing is not currently available from laptop computers. To print, transfer your document to a flash drive, cloud storage, or email and open it on a library desktop computer.

Printing from Group Studies

Print jobs from the group study rooms go to the the printers that are located with the rows of computers past the elevators on each floor. If you are in a 2nd floor study room, check the 2nd floor printers, 3rd floor group studies go to the 3rd floor printers, etc. Take note of the name on the sticker on your monitor before you go to print.

Express PrintingExpress Printing Stations

Two express print stations are located in the first floor Library atrium next to the Circulation Desk.

  1. Express printing is available for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents.
  2. Documents to be printed must be on a flash drive.
  3. No document editing or Internet browsing is available at the express print stations.
  4. Printing is double-sided.

Using the Express Print Stations

  1. Insert flash drive into the port below the touchscreen monitor.
  2. Select document(s) to print using the touchscreen. Printing will start automatically.
  3. Don't forget to remove your flash drive when you're finished.