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The Dewey Decimal System

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Last but Not Least

Last but not least:

Multiple Copies: Multiple copies of the same book are shelved in order by the copy number.

833.912 833.912 833.912
M31 M31 M31
  c.2 c.3

Various Editions: Various editions of a book are shelved in order by the year of publication.

378.242 378.242 378.242
M72h M72h M72h
  1984 1988

Prefixes: Call numbers sometimes have prefixes to identify a special location where the book or other material is shelved. Prefixes used in the MTSU Library include the following:

R: Reference - R 001.3 R63h 1979 [Located in the Reference area on the first floor].

OS: Oversive books - OS 736.4 C57b [Located on the oversize shelves at the front of the shelving area on every floor].

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