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General Information

What are the library hours?

Where can I get library maps?

How do I get to the library and where do I park?

Where is the Lost & Found?

Where can I find a QUIET space?

How do I reserve a GROUP space?

Can I access the library off-campus?

I'm an RODP student. What is my login?


How do I access course reserves?

How do I get e-reserves?

How do I find books?
How do I find my textbooks?
How many books can I check out?
How do I renew books?
What is the call number for [...]?
How do I get a book the library doesn't own?
Does the library have any "fun" books?
How do I get a book that is "In Process?"


How do I find articles?

How do I find the full text of an article I find in a database?

How do I find peer-reviewed (or refereed) articles?

How do I find a specific article if I have a citation?

How do I find a whole journal, magazine, or newspaper?

How do I get an article the library doesn't own?

How do I access articles off-campus?

How do I link to an article I find in a database?


How do I print something?

Where can I print in color?

Are there any scanners in the library?

Where are the copiers?

What software does the library have?

Does the library have any Macs?

Where do I borrow a laptop (cable, mouse, headphones)?

How do I get wireless access?

Where is the S-Drive?

How do I find a movie I need to watch for class?
How do I find images, video or music clips to use in my assignments/projects?
Where can a group watch a video together?
Where can I get rights cleared images, music, and video?


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