Instructional Services

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Formal instruction in the resources, services, and organization of University Library is a service offered by the User Services Department to MTSU students, faculty, staff, and others. Library instruction sessions are scheduled by faculty/adjunct/gta request.

General library instruction classes

General library instruction classes are designed to last from fifty minutes to an hour. University 1010 classes engage in an interactive exploration of library services and resources and receive a tour of the library if time permits. English 1020 and other introductory classes typically receive an overview of library services and organization plus demonstrations followed by hands on practice using JEWL Search, the library's comprehensive search tool for books, articles, and media; current events databases such as Opposing Viewpoints; and LexisNexis Academic. General orientation sessions may also be requested featuring specific library databases and search examples. Notification of one week is required for scheduling general instruction classes.

Instruction sessions are most effective when scheduled to coincide with an assignment that require library research.

Customized library instruction classes

Customized library instruction classes are also available upon request. Class length typically runs from one to two hours, but is flexible depending upon session content. These sessions typically feature a variety of print, electronic database, and Internet resources used for conducting research in specific subject areas. Reference books, the online catalog, article databases, and various Internet applications may all be covered. Notification of at least one week in advance is required when scheduling these sessions.

All formal library instruction classes are conducted in Library Instruction Rooms 272 and 264A located on the second floor (see map). Twenty-eight computers are available in Room 272 and thirty-six in Room 264A. Seating may be doubled in each room if computers are shared.


Call 904-8530 to schedule your class or fill out an online library instruction request form. Classes are scheduled on a first come, first served basis determined by room and staff availability. When calling please let us know whether you want a general or customized session, the number of students in your class, how to reach you, and any special assignments you have planned involving library research. We are glad to use search examples tailored to what you are studying in class. Instructors are required to accompany their classes to all library instruction sessions. More than one session may be scheduled per class section to provide an in-depth introduction to library resources. Tours of the library building may also be scheduled.

All library instruction classes are taught by User Services librarians. The librarian assigned to your class may call or email you in advance to discuss class content in-depth.