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Building Directory

1st Floor (Group Zone)
Adaptive Technology
Group Viewing (114D)
Listening/ Viewing Center (144A)
Interlibrary Loan
The Lounge
Popular Reading/New Books
Reference Collection
Research Commons
Service Desk (Lost and Found)
Synergy Spot
Technology Services
Tutoring Center

2nd Floor (Group Zone)
Call Numbers 000-399
Digital Media Studio (MakerSpace) (246)
Digital Scholarship Lab (264)
MakerSpace Training Room (201C)
Government Documents (SuDocs)
Group Study Rooms
Library Instruction Rooms (264A and 272)
Microtext Collection (246)
Meeting Place 2 (Room 248)
Presentation Practice Room (248B)
User Services Offices (266)

3rd Floor (Quiet Zone)
Call Numbers 400-799
Curriculum Collection (346)
Collection Development & Management Offices (364)
LT&ITC (348)
Writing Center (362)
Group Study Rooms (301B, 346 A-D)
Classroom 387 (in back of Curriculum, 346)

4th Floor (Quiet Zone)
Call Numbers 800-999
Special Collections
Library Administration
Reservable Group Study Rooms (various)
Library Conference Room (475)

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The James E. Walker Library is located on the south central side of campus near the intersection of Alumni Drive and Womack Lane.

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