Library Mission

The MTSU Library, an active partner in the scholarly communication process, provides information resources and instructional services to meet the needs of students, faculty, staff and researchers. The library contributes to the university's quest to develop educated men and women through a commitment to strong collection development, innovative, responsive and expert assistance, creative collaboration that expands the availability of resources, careful resource management, and a conducive atmosphere for library service and study.


The library, guided by the values of excellence, collaboration, service, and responsibility, is the gathering place for knowledge, wisdom, and the exchange of ideas in an environment of open communication and intellectual freedom. It is a vital partner in the academic mission of the university. A skilled staff, with the support of innovative technology, provides the diverse academic community with information, regardless of location, that is important to the teaching, research, and service missions of the university.


The library is the intellectual center of the university. Its strength is a reflection of the university's commitment to education and research. The actions of the library and its staff are guided by enduring principles which influence and govern its decisions.

  • Excellence
  • We strive for excellence in our work and encourage participation in planning and improving library programs and services. We promote the sharing of professional expertise with colleagues through service, presentations, and publications. We are committed to enhancing staff expertise by providing opportunities to learn new skills and to keep pace with change. We acknowledge the performance and special contributions of our staff.

  • Collaboration
  • We promote open communication and teamwork throughout the library organization; we believe the library thrives when staff are informed, entrusted, and consulted. We build effective partnerships inside and outside the university to enhance and share resources to meet the information needs of the university community. We recognize the importance of respect, openness, cooperation, and flexibility in dealing with our users and each other

  • Service
  • We are committed to offering responsive and professional service. We actively seek out and respond to the needs of our users. We explore new forms of information and innovative methods of delivery which are cost effective and provide efficient access. We promote centralized open access, maximize information availability, and serve as a gateway to worldwide information, both on campus and at distant sites. We teach our users to become self-sufficient in finding, interpreting, and using information. We are committed to fair, honest, responsive and respectful treatment of our public and each other.

  • Responsibility
  • We provide broad resources and programs to meet our users' needs. We are committed to responsible management and optimal use of our resources in support of the teaching and research needs of the university community. We strive to offer a positive environment which is safe and conducive to learning.

Critical Success Factors

  1. Availability of adequate information resources to students, faculty, staff and researchers
  2. Existence of adequate instructional services for students, faculty, staff, and researchers
  3. Appropriate, innovative, responsive, expert assistance to students, faculty, staff, and researchers
  4. Effective collaborative relationships with other libraries for the enhancement of information resource availability
  5. Carefully developed and managed physical, financial, technological, and human resources
  6. A conducive atmosphere for library services, study, research, and staff