Walker Library

Walker Library Periodicals Purge, March 2014

Description of Project

periodicalsWalker Library has steadily moved to electronic formats for its periodical collection and has invested in databases such as JSTOR that provide the back runs or archival copies of periodical titles. With the duplication of content and the preference given to electronic media for ease of use, we are seeking to remove the bound paper copies and repurpose the space for users. 

Our initial purge will begin March 3, 2014, on the first floor of Walker Library. This initial purge is for those titles for which we have purchased the electronic archives from JSTOR, as well as a few titles received electronically through Oxford Journals.  The short notice and urgency of this removal is at the request of the Provost to create a space for a tutoring center. 

Please review the title list (see link below). We welcome faculty feedback for any title that might have reduced content or usability in the electronic version. 

Contact the  Walker Reference desk  (904-8539) for assistance or questions concerning the location of the electronic titles or the librarian liaison to your department or college.

List of Print Journals to be Purged (.xsls)download
One tab is sorted by title and another is sorted by subject.

Project Scope

671 titles, comprising approximately 24,000 volumes on 225 shelf ranges

Project Schedule:

March 3, 2014:  The purge will begin using Graeble staff with library supervision. Teams will remove items to box and send to Graeble storage. A second team will follow and compact the titles that are not being purged on the remaining shelves.

March 10-14, 2014  (Spring Break):  Empty shelves will be taken down.

March 14- September 2014: Purged titles will be moved to storage to allow time for the Library to complete the necessary steps for TBR surplus and campus paperwork. This also allows some time for exceptions to be submitted and handled.