Walker Library

Off-campus access to resources

Can I access the library resources off-campus? 
Most of the library resources available through the library website and Databases A-Z list can be accessed off campus using your Pipeline username and password. You will be prompted to log in when necessary. If you have difficulty, please call the Reference Desk at 898-2817 (option #3). Depending on the nature of your problem, we may need to refer you to the ITD help desk (898-5345).

How do I link to an article from a database? 
To link to an article in a database, you first have to find its persistent URL (one that doesn't change). This is usually NOT the URL in the address bar of your browser. Look in the long record of the article (what you see when you click on the title) to find the persistent link. But wait, you're not finished! After you find it, you need to add this to the beginning of it:


Adding this prefix to the beginning of the URL will allow you to access the article from off campus with your Pipeline username and password. Some databases may not provide persistent links to articles.

How do RODP students access library resources off-campus?
RODP students have access to library resources at each of their instructors' campuses. To locate the username and password required to access resources off-campus, click on the Virtual Library link in your D2L course. If the login information is not displayed, contact your instructor or the library (615-898-2817). Usernames and passwords change each semester.