About the Forum

The Science and Spirituality Forum at Middle Tennessee State University grew out of early conversations among four MTSU professors about various spiritual perspectives, scientific advances, and our human place in the cosmos.

These conversations have developed into lunch dialogues among interested faculty, staff and students, and the first symposium on March 27, 2008 featured world renowned cosmologist Joel Primack and author, lecturer and former Fulbright Scholar Nancy Ellen Abrams.

The Science and Spirituality Forum is intended to model a new paradigm of cooperation and exploration between those interested in topics related to Science and Spirituality. Our intent is to view each area as a valuable lens through which to explore perennial questions of human interest. As participants, we will seek to transcend discipline boundaries in pursuit of new insights and a broader vision of human possibility. The aim of the Forum is to promote both dialogue and understanding among MTSU students, faculty and the public.

Our brown bag lunches integrate the use of guest speakers, panel discussions involving scholars and community leaders, and book discussions to investigate together issues at the nexus of science & spirituality. A guest speaker usually addresses a theme each year in a campus symposium.