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Printing Powerpoint Presentations

To print PowerPoint Presentations please follow this procedure:   (Note: This works only when you have full access to the presentation.   If you do not get a print screen as depicted below, then you will need to download the presentation to the computer you are working at.   Normally, you can right mouse click on the link and download the file locally, then follow this proceedure.)   If you need assistance, please contact the EIC Student Technical Assistant (STA) or the Reference Desk. 

Open the presentation up in Powerpoint.

Click on the Office Button:   OfficeButton01

Select Print.

Select Print again.

A print screen like the following should pop-up.


Select "Handouts" from the "Print What:" drop down window in the bottom left corner.


Once selected, this action in combination with the drop down menu to the right will allow you to select between one and six slides to be printed per page. SPowerpoint05ix slides per page is recommended.



Note: By selecting three slides per page, you will have three slides on the left and lines for taking notes on the right.Powerpoint06



Powerpoint04In addition to the above steps, you should also select "Pure Black and White" from the"Color/grayscale:" drop down window in the lower left corner.   By selecting this setting, you will print the presentation using less toner and your printout will be easier to read than if printed in the Color or Grayscale settings.

Printing PowerPoint presentations and PDF documents will sometimes take longer to print than a standard Word document.