Walker Library


There are 39 scanners in the Walker Library.  

EIC Scanner


One scanner is located on the first floor in the Research Commons. The Research Commons is located on the right, just as you enter the Library. As you enter this area, the scanner will be to the right of the help desk at the computer station named "Wouk."

2nd Floor Scanners


The other 38 scanners are located on the second floor in the Digital Media Studio. Thirteen of the scanners are attached to the specialized DMS workstations that are intended primarily for digital projects. The remainder of the scanners are at the general workstations to the south of the service desk. When not needed for scanning, these computers may be used for general purposes.  

If you have any questions, please check with the student worker at the Studio service desk.

How to Scan

1. Double Click the scanner icon on the desktop. Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard will open.

2. Click the "NEXT" button.

3. Place the item to be scanned on the scanner bed. Align the item to the top right corner.

4. Select a Picture Type:

a. Color Picture

b. Grayscale Picture

c. Black & White Picture or Text

d. Custom

Tip: All picture types tend to look best when scanned as a Color Picture.

5. Select "Preview"

6. Scanner window should auto fit to the item

a. If not, move the dotted lines or square(s) in the corners to crop item to what you wish to capture

7. Click "Next"

8. Enter a name for this item (picture)

9. Select a file format

a. JPG or JPEG - Rrecommended as this normally gives the best compression ratio

b. BMP

c. TIF

d. PNG

10. Select location to save the file to. Recommend saving to a USB drive or emailing the item to yourself.

11. Click "NEXT"

12. Ensure the Radio Button next to the "Nothing, I'm finished with these pictures" is selected.

13. Click "NEXT"

14. Click "FINISHED"

If you need to save a scan as a PDF, open the file and then select Print. When the print box appears, change the printer to Primo PDF. This will allow you to resave your image as a PDF.