Library Expectations of Behavior and Use

The James E. Walker Library supports the academic needs of students by providing library materials, technology and services in an environment that is conducive to studying, research, and other scholarly activity, including collaborative work among students.

Code of Conduct and Consequences

All library users are expected to adhere to all university policies including the Student Code of Conduct ( and the True Blue Pledge ( The following behaviors are not what is expected of MTSU students and will not be tolerated under any conditions:

    • Engaging in activities that are loud, disruptive, or otherwise hinder normal use of the Walker Library.
    • Removing or attempting to remove library materials or property without proper checkout.
    • Vandalizing the library building, furniture, or equipment.
    • Possession of weapons in the library unless authorized by law.
    • Threatening, harassing, or otherwise creating a hostile environment for library users or staff.
    • Using library computers for the viewing of pornography or other material that creates a hostile or harassing environment for others.
    • Stealing the personal belongings of another library user.
    • Failure to cease any disruptive activity when instructed to do so by library staff.

Failure to comply with any part of this library policy may result in an order to leave the building, campus disciplinary action, and/or legal prosecution. MTSU campus police may be called at the discretion of the Walker Library administrative staff.

To help maintain this learning environment, please observe the following:

  • Be respectful and courteous to all library users and staff.
  • Observe all relevant copyright laws and regulations.
  • Service animals are the only animals permitted in the building. MTSU’s policy on service animals may be found here ( (Section V).

Noise Restrictions

  • Keep voices low in consideration of others and hold casual conversations in the atrium.
  • Use cell phones in the atrium and set them to silent or vibrate while in the library.
  • Quiet Zones are located on the third and fourth floors beyond the elevators (including the computers). Look for the Quiet Zone symbol in these areas.
  • Group study rooms are available on the fourth floor and may be reserved online ( Group study room policies are available here (

Food, Drink, and Tobacco

  • Drinks should be in covered containers.
  • Accept food deliveries in the foyer at the main entrance of the library.
  • Place food waste and drink containers in designated bins and report all spills to the Service Desk.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in Special Collections.