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ENGL 1020: Research & Argumentative Writing: Evaluating Sources

Quick evaluation of web site

1.  Who is responsible for the website?  What are the credentials for those responsible?  Do they have the proper training and background to present reliable and accurate information?  Is there contact information.

2.  Has the web site been active for a number of years?   Has the website been updated recently?  Is the information current?

3.  What is the purpose of the website?  Is it to inform, persuade, sell, raise funds, amuse, etc ?

4.  Is the information on the website covered in depth or is it just an overview? 

5.  Is the information presented objectively or does it argue a specific point of view?

6.  And the most important point in evaluating a website is.....the relevance to what you need for your own research.

These questions are often called the CRAAP test.  Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy and Purpose.

Evaluation Tools

Learning how to evaluate what you read, view, and hear is an essential skill for your academic and personal life.