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Repertoire Lists

Unaccompanied Solo

Okumura, Koh. Two Pieces   M72 .O44 T9 1988

Osborne, Willson. Rhapsody   M72 .O82 R5 1958

Stadler, Anton. Three Caprices   M72 .S717 C3 1992

Solos with Piano

Bartok/Szekely. Roumanian Folk Dances   On Order

Bassi/Voxman. Lamento   On Order

Bellini/Davis. "La Sonnambula" Variations   On Order

Berr, Friedrich. Fantasia from "Premierre Divertissment   On Order

Fergusson, Howard. Four Short Pieces   M250 .F352 S44 1937

Enzi, Gerald. Five Bagatelles  M250 .F57 Op. 23

Handel/Lurie. Sonata in G Minor  On Order

Jacob, Gordon. Mini-Concerto  M1125 .J32 M5

Krommer, Frantizek. Concerto in Eb Major  M1025 .K916 Op.36 1988

Legevre, Xavier. Sonatas No. 1, No. 7   On Order

Mangani, Michele. Pagina d'Album  On Order

Milhaud, Darius. Petite Concert  M252 .M582 B33 1984

Mozart, W.A/Bellison. Divertimento in Bb, from Trio VI  On Order

Reade, Paul. Suite from the Victorian Kitchen Garden  On Order

Ridout, Alan. Sonata for Clarinet and Piano  M1125 .C66 1978

Rossler/Voxman. Concerto in Eb Major  M1025 .R916 C6 2000z

Stamitz, Carl. Concerto No. 3 in Bb Major  M1025 .S72 No. 1965

  Stoltzman, Richard. Song Book  On Order

Telemann/Voxman. Sonata in C Minor  M250 .T42 C min. 1963

Vaughan Williams. Six Studies in English Folksong  MT233 .V37 S7 2010

Weber, Carl Maria. Introduction, Theme, and Variations, Op. Post.  On Order

Weber, Carl Maria. Concertino, Op. 26  M1025 .W37 op.26


Snell, Keith. Belwin Master Duets   M288 .B449 1986 adv.

Voxman, Himie. Selected Duets for Clarinet — Advanced  M288 .V68 S3 v.2

Unaccompanied Solo

Cahuzac, Louis. Arlequin   M72 .C16 A7 2000

Debussy/Galper. Syrinx   On Order

Giron, Arsenio. Three Bagatelles   M72 .G583 B3 1987

Von Koch, Erland. Monolog No. 3   M72 .K76 M6 1977

Solos with Piano

Arnold, Malcolm. Sonatina   M250.A768 S6 2000z

Cavallini/Hite. Adagio and Tarantella   M250 .C372 A4 1990

David, Ferdinand. Introduction, Theme and Variations   On Order

Debussy, Claude. Petite Piece   On Order

Delmas, Marc. Fantasie Italienne   MT385 .J388 E85

Guilhaud, Georges. First Concertino   M252 .G879 C7 1942

Pierne, Gabriel. Canzonetta, Op. 19   M250 .P59 C3 

Magnani, Michele. Romanza   On Order

Rabaud, Henri. Solo de Concours   M250 .R11 Op. 10 c.2

Ridout, Alan. Concertino for Clarinet and Strings   M1125.R53 C66 1978 

Rossini/Neufeldt. Variations   On Order

Schickele, Peter. Elegies   On Order

St. Saens, Camille. Sonata, Op. 167   M250 .S26 Op. 167 1921

Stanford, Charles. Three Intermezzi, Op. 13   On Order

Stoltzman, Richard. Song Book   On Order

Tartini/Jacob. Concertino   M1106 .T38 J2 1945

Wanhal, Johann Baptist. Sonata in Bb Major   On Order

  Weber, Carl Maria, Concerto No. 1 in F Minor, Op. 73   M1025 .W37 op.73 1944P 

Weber, Carl Maria, Variations, Op. 33   M250 .W37 op.33 1894


Gates, Everett. Odd Meter Duets   MT42 .G137 O2 1992 

Persichetti, Vincent. Serenade for Two Clarinets, Op. 95, No. 13   On Order

Snell, Keith. Belwin Master Duets   M288 .B449 1986 adv.

Voxman, Himie. Selected Duets for Clarinet — Advanced    M288 .V68 S3 v.2

Unaccompanied Solo

Arnold, Malcolm. Fantasy for Solo Clarinet, Op. 87   M72. A768 op. 87 1966

Donizetti, Gaetano. Studie   M72. D683 ln.716 1970

Gershwin/Harvey. Three Etudes on Themes of Gershwin   M72 .H3675 E8 1990

Kibbe, Michael. Sonate, Op. 8    On Order

Rozsa, Miklos. Sonatina, Op. 27    M72 .R882 op.27 1958

Solo with Piano

Bernstein, Leonard. Sonata   M250 .B525 S6 2001              

Burgmüller, Norbert. Duo in Eb Major   On Order

Crusell, Bernhard. Introduction and Variations on a Swedish Song, Op. 12    On Order

Dunhill, Thomas. Phantasy Suite, Op. 91   On Order

Hindemith, Paul. Sonata    M250 .H54 S6 1968

Kovács, Béla. Salute, Signore Rossini!     M250.K792 S3 2004

Kovács, Béla. Sholem-alekhem, rov Feidman!    M250.K792 S56 2004

Lefebvre, Charles. Fantasie Caprice, Op. 118   M250 .L48 F3 1939

Magnani, Michele. Executive    On Order

Marty, Georges. Premiere Fantasy   M248 .C66 2015

Messager, Andre. Solo de Concours   M250 .M575 S6

Milhaud, Darius. Duo Concertant    M250 .M582 D8 1956

Poulenc, Francis. Sonata   M250 .P68 S6 2000

Schumann, Robert. Fantasy Pieces, Op. 73 (A Clarinet)   M250 .S39 

Schumann, Robert. Three Romances, Op. 94 (A Clarinet)    M246 .S39 Op.94

Stoltzman, Richard. Aria   On Order

Szalowski, Antoni. Sonatina   On Order

Templeton, Alec. Pocket-Size Sonata No. 1 and No. 2    On Order

Weber, Carl Maria, Fantasia and Rondo from Quintet, Op. 34   M252 .W37 op.34 1916


Kibbe, Michael. Serenade, Op. 131   M289 .K48 Op.131 1999

Poulenc, Francis. Sonata for 2 Clarinets (Bb and A)   M289 .P68 S6 1990

Weston, Pamela (ed.). Favorite Pieces from Rossini Operas for 2 Clarinets   M289 .R86 B4 1988

Unaccompanied Solo

Jacob, Gordon. Five Pieces for Clarinet   M72 .J32 F5 1973

Mayer, John. Raga Music   M72 .M394 R3 1958

Messiaen, Olivier. Abyss of the Birds for "The Quartet from the End of Time"   M422 .M58 Q3

Sierra, Roberto. Cinco Bocetos   M72 .S579 B6 1984

Stravinsky, Igor. Three Pieces   M72 .S9 P5 1900z

Sutermeister, Heinrich. Capriccio   M72 .S98 C37 2008

Solo with Piano

Babin, Victor. Hillandale Waltzes   On Order

Bassi, Luigi. "Rigoletto " Fantasy"'   M250.B37 R54 2006

Bax, Arnold. Sonata   On Order

Brahms, Johannes. Sonata Op. 120, No. 1   M250 .B81 op. 120 no.1 1939

Brahms, Johannes. Sonata Op. 120, No. 2   M250 .B81 op. 120 no.2 1939

Cahuzac, Louis. Variations on a Theme of the Valley   On Order

Copland, Aaron. Concerto   M1125 .C65 C6

Copland, Aaron. Sonata (From Violin Sonata)   On Order

Crusell, Bernard. Concerto in F Minor, Op. 5   M1025 .C953 Op.5 2015 

Debussy, Claude. Premiere Rhapsody   M1024.D27 R5 

Gershwin/Cohn. Three Piano Preludes   M252.G38 P74 2014 

Horovitz, Joseph. Sonatina   On Order

Kovács, Béla. After You, Mr. Gershwin!   On Order

Lutoslawski, Witold. Dance Preludes   M250 .L92 P7 1989

Martinú, Bohisolv. Sonatina   On Order

Mozart, W.A. Concerto, K. 622 (A Clarinet) Edited by Hacker   M1024 .M93 K.622

Muczynski, Robert. Time Pieces   M250 .M94 T5 1985

Poulenc, Francis. Sonata   M250 .P68 S6 2000

Rossini, G. Introduction, Theme and Variations   M252.R86 I58 1970  

Spohr, Louis. Concerto No. 1   M1025 .S71, no.1 1965 

Weber, Carl Maria. Concerto No. 2 in Eb Major, Op. 74   M1025 .W37 op.74 1939

Weber, Carl Maria. Grand Duo Concertante, Op 48   M250 .W37 op.48 1990

Weiner, Leo. Peregei Verbunk, Op. 40   On Order

Chamber Music

Beethoven, Ludwig. Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano, Op. 11   On Order

Brahms, Johannes. Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano in A Minor, Op 114.   M332 .B81 op. 114 1946

Mozart, W.A. Trio for Clarinet, Viola and Piano  K.498   M178 .M93 2006

Mozart, W.A., Quintet for Clarinet and Strings in A Major, K. 581   On Order

Von Weber, Carl Maria. Quintet for Clarinet and Strings in Bb Major, Op. 34   On Order

Technique Patterns and Etudes

Bona, Pasquale. Rhythmical Articulations   MT870 .B665 R5

Bonade, Daniel. Orchestral Studies for Clarinet   MT380 .B6 2007

Cavallini, Ernesto. 30 Caprices   MT385 .C372 op.1-5 

Cunningham, Randall. 18 Preludes   MT385 .C963 1999

Cunningham, Randall. Petite Pieces   MT383 .V963 P4 2001

Gates, Everett. Odd Meter Etudes   MT42 .G137 O2 1962

Harrison, Howard. Amazing Studies for Clarinet   MT385 .A6 H2 1997

Hickman, David. Music Speed Reading   MT236 .H522 1979

Hite, David. Melodious and Progressive Studies, Vol. 1 or 2   MT385 .H58 M4 1968

Jean-Jean, Paul. 18 Etudes   On Order

Lipsius, Fred. Reading Key Jazz Rhythms   MT265 .L74 R4 1997

Polatschek, Victor. 24 Clarinet Studies   On Order

Prinz, Alfred. 25 Etudes   On Order

Filas, Thomas, trans. Higgins. Altissimo Studies for Clarinet   On Order

Rose, Cyrille. 32 Etudes   MT385 .R768 1913

Stievenard, Emil. Practical Studies of the Scales   MT385 .S844 P7

Thurston, Frederick. Passage Studies, Book I   MT385 .S844 P7

Uhl, Alfred. 48 Studies   MT385 .U45 1940b

Voxman, Himie. Selected Studies   MT385 .V68 S3


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Call Numbers for Browsing:

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M248-252 Clarinet with Keyboard
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