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Library Research Assignments for Basic and Applied Sciences: Multiple Source Comparison

Multiple Source Comparison Concept

Students will find several sources around a specific topic related to their disciplines. They should include print and online sources that represent different styles/genres of text. For instance, they might have a book, a print article, an online article, a news story, a blog, a podcast, a film, and a website. They will then analyze the credibility of each source according its citations/sources and its depth of information, along with deciding whether it is reliable and why. The students will also determine the accuracy of information, who it is written for (the audience), and any other pertinent information.

Students will then think about what kinds of informative sources they should use in their own research should be as well as what expectations they should have for the kinds of information they produce themselves and whether their own research would/should be considered reliable and accurate to others.

Multiple Source Comparison Documents