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Library Research Assignments for Basic and Applied Sciences: Scholarship History

Scholarship History Project Concept

The big difference between this and the literature review is the scope of what students are being asked to examine and to analyze. This one is more comprehensive. Rather than looking at the scholarship on a single, narrowed question, this project requires students to think about the types of questions that are being asked in their fields.

Students will complete a database search using their disciplines as keywords and then narrow the timeframe of the results to the last 5 (or 10) years. Students will then write a report on the subjects being studied in their fields using representative sources they find.

As a follow-up to the report, they should reflect on why those topics/subjects may be more prevalently studied during a given time and whether the topic is something they would be interested in studying themselves and why.

Rather than creating a report, they can create a “mindmap” or some other visual representation of the topics being talked about and how those topics connect to one another.

Scholarship History Project Documents