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HLTH 6860: Program Planning for Health Promotion

Evidence-Based Practice for Public Health

Strategies for Locating Best Practices and Evidence Based Programs

Here are three strategies for locating best practices and evidence based programs.

  1. Search for EBP's in scholarly journal articles. JEWL SearchGoogle Scholar and MEDLINE are three places to do this. Add terms such as program, education, health education, health promotion, or intervention to narrow the search. Limit your search to "scholarly" or "peer reviewed" results to get the most scientific evidence. If you find a review article that's on topic, it may lead you to relevant programs. See this page for help deciphering a review article. An example search: JEWL Search Results List
  2. Search the internet. I suggest limiting your search to a .org or .gov domain. An example search: diabetes prevention program
  3. Search the websites listed in the boxes below. In many cases, you'll need to follow several links to get to descriptions of actual practices or programs. EBCCP is a great place to start. 

Evidence Based Programs and Best Practices

Many of the resources below are listed on the UMass EBP for Public Health page mentioned in a separate box on this page. Because the UMass page is so extensive, we've highlighted some selected resources here. Consider looking at the first three or four links below first.