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Technology Services


Black and White Printing. Printers are located on each floor of the building: in the Electronic Information Center on the 1st floor, past the elevators on the upper floors, in LIB 262 and in Curriculum. Log in to any computer using your MTSU credentials. Use the monitor on the nearest printer to release your print job. At the printer, use the same log in you used for your computer, then select the jobs you want to print. YOU ARE NOT BEING CHARGED for printing at this time, though you may see a dollar quota displayed (a quota system may be enacted in the future).

Color Printing. Color printers are located near the Reference Desk on the the 1st floor and near the Makerspace on the 2nd floor. There is no additional charge for color printing on standard paper. You may print from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor computers, selecting "Student Color Queue" from the list of printers. Log in to the printer system using the credentials you used to log on to the computer.

Laptop and Remote Printing. To print to a library printer from a laptop or from home, email your .doc(x) or PDF document as an attachment to No other file formats are supported at this time. You must send your print job from an MTSU email address. Your print job will remain in the print queue for 24 hours and may be picked up from any library printer. 

Guest Printing.  Guests may purchase printing credits at a kiosk located near the Tech Services desk on the 1st floor, past the elevators. Black and white prints/copies are $.10 each, and color prints/copies are $.40 each. Please stop by Technology Services desk for instructions.

3-D PrintingPrint objects up to 6"x6"x6." The cost is $4.00 per hour for general purposes or $2.00 per hour for academic purposes, with a minimum cost of $4.00. Library staff members will print your job for you at Technology Services on the 1st floor to ensure high quality printing. Bring your file(s) on a USB drive. See printing instructions for more information. You can apply for a free 3D print. Self-service 3-D printing is available at no charge for MTSU faculty, staff, and students in the Library’s MakerSpace.

Large Format and Poster Printing. Available to current MTSU students, staff, and faculty at Technology Services on the 1st floor. Documents can be printed on 11"x17" paper at Technology Services for $.50 per page. Posters can be printed in three sizes: 2ft by 3ft, 3ft by 4ft, and 3ft by 5ft. Smaller images will be surrounded by white space. Cost is $14 for 2'x3' standard poster, $28 for the 3'x4' poster, or $35 for 3'x5' poster. Charges are applied to your library account and may be paid online. See poster printing tips and policies for more information.

Specialty paper printing. Have resumes or other documents printed on your own paper at Technology Services on the 1st floor past the elevators for $.30 per page. Color prints that require special paper may be purchased at Technology Services on the 1st floor. The "special paper" is 25lb paper (compared to the normal 21lb paper used for the printers). The cost is $.30 per page for 8.5" x 11" and $.50 for 11 "x 17". Photo prints are $2.00, including photo paper. Charges are applied to your library account and may be paid online. Library staff members will print your job for you to ensure high quality printing but will not edit your document. Bring your file(s) on a USB drive. Printing is available to anyone who has a valid library borrower's card (including Alumni and Community Borrowers). Charges are applied to your library account and may be paid online.

Group Study Printing. Items may be printed from group study rooms and picked up from any printer in the library.

There are 41 scanners in the Walker Library. One scanner is located on the first floor in the Research Commons, and 40 are located on the second floor. Second floor scanners are located in the Makerspace Mac Mab and in the adjacent computing area. Twenty-five of the scanners are attached to the specialized Makerspace workstations that are intended primarily for digital projects. The remainder of the scanners are at the general workstations to the south of the service desk. When not needed for scanning, these computers may be used for general purposes.  

A copier is located in the Reference area on the first floor, and another copier is located outside the Listening & Viewing Center (Room 201B) on the second floor. Visitor copies are $.10 per page for black & white and $.40 cents per page for color copies. Please see Technology Services on the 1st floor for assistance.

The Library does not have a public fax machine, but there is one available on campus at Blue Print Solutions in the Student Union for a fee.

In addition, we recommend an alternative for non-confidential information. is a website from which you can send a document to a fax machine. Scan your paper document at one of our many scanners and save it as an image (.jpg or. gif) or as a PDF. You can also send a .doc or .xls document. Do not use online fax services for documents containing social security numbers or other sensitive information.

Stop by the Technology Services Desk if you have questions or need help scanning.