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Technology Services

Equipment Replacement Costs

Equipment Replacement Cost
Adapter for Dell latitude laptop computer 40.00
Apple TV 100.00
Apple TV Remote: Meeting Place 2 30.00
Arduino Kit 50.00
Arduino Maker Internet of Things (IoT) Bundle 60.00
Arduino Relay 60.00
Arduino Sensor Kit 50.00
Bench Top Power Supply 687.00
BOLT by sphero 200.00
Calculator : TI-83 plus. 100.00
Cannon Rebel T6 Camera 1,000.00
Dell Latitude Student Laptop Computer 1,700.00
Desktop Solder Smoke Absorber 30.00
DoBot Magician by DoBot 1,500.00
E-Textiles Basic Lab Pack by Lilypad 50.00
Ethernet cable 10.00
Finch Robot by Birdbrain Technology 100.00
GoPro Hero Camera 500.00
Headphones 25.00
Hummingbird Duo Classroom Kit 250.00
iPad for MakerSpace Cameras 400.00
iPad for MakerSpace Robotics Kit 400.00
iRobot Create Developer Kit 300.00
Jewelry Making Kit 100.00
Leatherworking Tool Kit 200.00
LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 Expansion Set 375.00
LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Education Core Set 375.00
LilyPad Sewable Electronics Kit 100.00
littleBits Cloudbit Starter Kit 60.00
LittleBits STEAM Student Set 300.00
Magic Leap One: Creator Edition 2,295.00
MakerSpace Project Bins 0.00
Makey Makey Kit 100.00
Meeting Place 2: Room Card 5.00
MINI by sphero 80.00
Mouse : Technology Services. 10.00
Multimeter 168.00
NVidia Jetson Nano Developer Kit 60.00
ODROID Kit 100.00
Ollie by Gosphero 200.00
Oscilloscope 1,222.00
Pen Tablet 70.00
Pi Plates RELAY plate 60.00
Pi Zero Cana Kit 50.00
Pottery and Clay Molding Kit 40.00
Power Cable: Meeting Place 2 (248B) 10.00
Presentation Pointer: Practice Presentation Rooms 50.00
Raspberry Pi 3 40.00
Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 8MP 50.00
Raspberry Pi Touch Screen 35.00
Remote: Practice Presentation Rooms 100.00
Remote: Meeting Place 2 (Room 248) 10.00
RESPEAKER 4 Mic Array for Pi by Seeed 50.00
RICOH Theta V 360 Camera 500.00
ROLI Blocks Modular Music Studio 600.00
Room Card: Practice Presentation Rooms 5.00
SD Card Reader 10.00
Signal Generator 744.00
Soldering Iron 120.00
Soldering Kit 200.00
SpaceMouse 200.00
Sparkfun Expansion Pack 50.00
SparkFun inventor's kit for micro:bit 60.00
SparkFun Serial Graphic LCD for Arduino 60.00
Sparkfun Variable Load Kit 50.00
Specdrums by sphero 80.00
SPRK+ by Sphero 250.00
Structure Sensor (Mark II) by Occipital 200.00
USB DVD Writer 30.00
VR Controllers Rift by Oculus 100.00
VR Headset Rift by Oculus 600.00
VR Headset VIVE by HTC 800.00
VUSE XR by Human Eyes (Dual 2D and 3D VR Camera) 400.00
Walabot by Vayyar (Radio Frequency Image Processor and Scanner) 450.00
Whiteboard Kit 5.00
Whiteboard Kit: Practice Presentation Rooms 5.00
Yeti Microphone USB - Digital Media Studio 150.00