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General Information:  615-898-2817

Room #
Acquisitions -- Room 364
364K Jones, Wendy Acquisitions Assistant 615-904-8523
364J Mangrum, Suzanne Acquisitions Librarian 615-904-8517
364L Sayakhom, Anne Acquisitions Assistant 615-904-8515
Administration, Room 468 -- 615-898-2772
468 Allen, Bonnie Dean of the Library 615-898-2772


Brunson, Jayme Coordinator 615-898-5462
474A Drown, Betsy Executive Aide 615-898-2772
100BA Fann, Ricky Service Desk 615-904-8551
148B Griffin, Ryan MT Engage GA 615-904-8542
166F Kurtz, Rick Service Desk 615-904-8535
472 Martin, Jason Associate Dean 615-904-8378
104B McGowan, Jason Service Desk 615-494-8614
104C O'Neal, Spencer Service Desk 615-904-8547
473 Scheffler, Ben Assistant to the Dean 615-898-2521
466 Trainum, Clay External Relations Specialist 615-898-5376
Cataloging -- Room 364
364G Field, Kathy Authority Control Librarian 615-904-8520
364 Randles, Zinia Cataloging Assistant 615-904-8514
364F Scott, Amanda Music and Media Cataloging Librarian 615-904-8516
364D Turney, Linda Cataloging Librarian 615-904-8510 
364E Williams, Jo Cataloging Librarian 615-904-8521
Circulation, Room 164 -- 615-898-2650
100BA Burt, Paul Circulation Assistant 615-904-8498
164 Dowdy, Jackie Access Services Librarian 615-898-5104
166l Knight, Jake Evening Circulation Assistant 615-904-8534
164 Martin, Karen Circulation Assistant, Book Stacks 615-904-8548
Collection Assessment and Development -- Room 364
364B Kirk, Rachel Collection Assessment Librarian 615-904-8518
Collection Development and Management -- Room 364
364 Kazee, Katy Materials Payments 615-898-3273
364 Mitchell, Sherry Library Assistant-- Bindery, Book Repair, & Mail 615-904-8511
364A Mangrum, Suzanne Interim Chair, Collection Development and Management 615-904-8517
364C Quintel, Denise Discovery Services Librarian 615-898-5144
148C Wilson, Robert Integrated Systems Librarian 615-898-2529
Continuing Resources, Room 364
364U Blakemore, Sheree Continuing Resources Assistant 615-904-8512
364S Butler-Click, Toni Continuing Resources Assistant 615-904-8513
364A Geckle, Beverly Continuing Resources Librarian 615-904-8519
Curriculum-- Room 382, 615-898-2543
  Frosheiser, Vicki Curriculum Assistant 615-898-2799
  O'Grady, Melissa Curriculum Assistant 615-904-8537
382 Ralston, Kim Curriculum Assistant 615-904-8147
386 Reed, Karen Education Librarian 615-494-8641
Distance Learning Services
266F Parente, Sharon Distance Learning Services 615-898-2549
Digital Initiatives
201A Middleton, Ken Digital Initiatives Librarian 615-904-8524
  Miller, A. Digital Scholarship Librarian 615-898-8529
Interlibrary Loan-- Room 172
172 Middleton, Pam Library Asst., Borrows and Loans 615-904-8549
Library Technology , Rm 464
476 Burks, Amy Systems Specialist 615-904-8508
476 McClain, Neal Director, Library Technology 615-898-2572
476 Schuder, Bryan Systems Administrator 615-898-5661
476 Wheaton, Mike Manager, Library Technology 615-898-5043
Listening/Viewing Center -- Room 144 -- 615-898-5855
144B Baker, Grover Visual and Performing Arts Librarian 615-494-7784
144C Sloane, Mary Ellen Science Librarian 615-898-2526
Makerspace - 615-904-8526
246B Becker, Ben Makerspace Specialist 615-904-8525
246A Hackworth, Valerie Assistant Manager 615-904-8545
Periodicals - 615-904-8539
164 McLean, Gale Reference and Periodicals Assistant 615-898-2819
Reference & Instruction, Room 266 --615-904-8539 (Reference Desk) or 615-904-8530 (Instruction Scheduling)
  Cottle, Adam Reference Librarian 615-904-8538
266D Dearing, Karen Reference & Instruction Librarian 615-494-8868
266F Parente, Sharon Reference & Instruction, Distance Learning 615-898-2549
266I Reese, Jean Reference & Instruction Librarian 615-898-2725
266E Shealy, Ashley Reference & Instruction Librarian 615-898-5605
266A West, Kristen Instruction Librarian 615-904-8528
266C Vance, Jason Information Literacy Librarian 615-494-7871
266 Williams, Gwen Instruction Scheduling 615-904-8530
266H York, Amy Instructional Technology Support Librarian 615-898-2535
164 Burkhardt, Suzy Reserves Manager 615-904-8544
Special CollectionsRoom 444
444D Boehm, Alan Special Collections Librarian 615-904-8501
444 Hanson, Susan Library Specialist 615-904-8503
Technology Services, Rm 108--615-898-5666
108 Denton, Ed Local Service Provider 615-904-8538
246A Hackworth, Valerie Assistant Manager, Public Technology 615-904-8545
108B Smith, Trent Local Service Provider 615-898-5439
User Services, Room 266-- 615-904-8530
144B Baker, Grover Visual & Performing Arts Librarian 615-494-7784
144B Burnette, Molly User Services Assistant
266B Groves, Christy Chair of User Services 615-898-2652
144C Sloane, Mary Ellen Science Librarian 615-898-2526
264 Williams, Gwen Secretary & Instruction Scheduling 615-904-8530
Phone (615)
Allen, Bonnie Administration 615-898-2772
Baker, Grover User Services 615-494-7784
Becker, Ben Library Technology 615-904-8525
Blakemore, Sheree Continuing Resources 615-904-8512
Boehm, Alan Special Collections 615-904-8501
Brunson, Jayme Administration 615-898-5462
Burkhardt, Suzy Reserves 615-904-8544
Burks, Amy Library Technology 615-904-8528
Burnette, Molly User Services 615-904-8539
Burt, Paul Circulation 615-904-8498
Butler-Click, Toni Continuing Resources 615-904-8513
Cottle, Adam Reference 615-904-8538
Dearing, Karen Reference & Instruction 615-494-8868
Denton, Ed Library Technology Services 615-904-8538
Dowdy, Jackie Circulation 615-898-5104
Drown, Betsy Administration 615-898-2772
Fann, Ricky Administration 615-904-8551
Frosheiser, Vicki Curriculum 615-898-2799
Field, Kathy Cataloging 615-904-8520
Geckle, Beverly Continuing Resources 615-904-8519
Griffin, Ryan Administration 615-904-8542
Groves, Christy User Services 615-898-2652
Hackworth, Valerie Library Technology Services 615-904-8545
Hanson, Susan Special Collections 615-904-8503
Jones, Wendy Acquisitions 615-904-8523
Kazee, Katy Collection Development & Management 615-898-3273
Kirk, Rachel Collection Assessment  615-904-8518
Knight, Jake Circulation 615-904-8534
Kurtz, Rick Administration 615-904-8535
Mangrum, Suzanne Acquisitions 615-904-8517
Martin, Jason Administration 615-904-8378
Martin, Karen Circulation 615-904-8548
McClain, Neal Library Technology 615-898-2572
McGowan, Jason Administration 615-494-8614
McLean, Gale Periodicals 615-898-2819
Middleton, Pam Interlibrary Loan 615-904-8549
Middleton, Ken Digital Initiatives 615-904-8524
Miller, A. Administration 615-904-8529
Mitchell, Sherry Collection Development & Management 615-904-8511
O'Grady, Melissa Curriculum 615-904-8537
O'Neal, Spencer Administration 615-904-8547
Parente, Sharon Reference & Instruction 615-898-2549
Quintel, Denise Collection Development & Management 615-898-5144
Randles, Zinia Cataloging 615-904-8514
Ralston, Kim Curriculum 615-904-8147
Reed, Karen Curriculum 615-494-8641
Reese, Jean Reference & Instruction 615-898-2725
Sayakhom, Anne Acquisitions 615-904-8515
Scheffler, Ben Administration 615-898-2521
Schuder, Brian Library Technology Services 615-898-5661
Scott, Amanda Cataloging 615-904-8516
Shealy, Ashley Reference & Instruction 615-898-5605
Sloane, Mary Ellen User Services 615-898-2526
Smith, Trent Library Technology Services 615-904-8534
Spurlin, Robert Web Services
Trainum, Clay Administration 615-898-5376 
Turney, Linda Cataloging 615-904-8510 
Vance, Jason Reference & Instruction 615-494-7871
West, Kristen Reference & Instruction 615-904-8528
Wheaton, Mike Library Technology 615-898-5043
Williams, Gwen User Services 615-904-8530
Williams, Jo Cataloging 615-904-8521
Wilson, Robert Cataloging 615-904-8521
York, Amy Web Services 615-898-2535

Subject Librarian Liaisons work with faculty members in the academic departments to order library materials needed to support the programs. Subject Librarians are also available for one-on-one research consultations.

If you have any questions about the liaison program, please contact Christy Groves, Chair of User Services (615-898-2652).

College of Basic and Applied Sciences
Library Liaison
Aerospace Christy Groves
Agriculture, School of Mary Ellen Sloane
Biology Mary Ellen Sloane
Chemistry Mary Ellen Sloane
Computational Science Mary Ellen Sloane
Computer Science Mary Ellen Sloane
Concrete Industry Management Christy Groves
Engineering Technology Mary Ellen Sloane
Forensic Science Mary Ellen Sloane
Geosciences Mary Ellen Sloane
Math & Science Education Karen Reed
Mathematical Sciences Mary Ellen Sloane
Molecular Biology Mary Ellen Sloane
Physics & Astronomy Mary Ellen Sloane
College of Behavioral and Health Sciences
Library Liaison
Criminal Justice Administration Kristen West
Family Studies & Consumer Studies Ashley Shealy
Health & Human Performance Kristen West
Nutrition & Food Science Kristen West
Nursing Jackie Dowdy
Psychology Ashley Shealy
Social Work Sharon Parente
Textiles, Merchandising, & Design Ashley Shealy
College of Business
Library Liaison
Accounting Rachel Kirk
Computer Information Systems Rachel Kirk
Economics & Finance Rachel Kirk
Management Rachel Kirk
Marketing Sharon Parente
College of Education
Library Liaison
Educational Leadership Karen Reed
Elementary & Special Education Karen Reed
Library Services Karen Reed
Literacy Studies Karen Reed
College of Liberal Arts
Library Liaison
Anthropology Kristen West
Art & Design Grover Baker
Communication Studies  Sharon Parente
English Alan Boehm
Global Studies and Human Geography Karen Dearing
History Ken Middleton
Music Grover Baker
Philosophy & Religious Studies Kristen West
Political Science Karen Dearing
Sociology Sharon Parente
Theatre & Dance Grover Baker
World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (WLLC) Jean Reese
College of Media & Entertainment
Library Liaison
Media Arts Sharon Parente
Journalism and Strategic Media, School of  Sharon Parente
Recording Industry Grover Baker
Interdisciplinary Studies
Library Liaison
Professional Science Mary Ellen Sloane
Women's Studies Ken Middleton
University College
Library Liaison
Professional Studies Jackie Dowdy
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