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Microtext Collection

Using Microtext

Books, articles, newspapers, and other library materials are often preserved in a microtext format (e.g., microfilm). This format saves space and strenghtens the storage capability of the item but requires special equipment to read.

Location & Equipment

The Microtext area is part of the Makerspace on the second floor of Walker Library. The area offers 5 microfilm scanners for viewing, scanning, and printing the various formats (microfilm, microfiche, etc.).

Microtext Formats

  • MFE = Microfiche -- flat sheets of film about 4" x 6"
  • MFM = Microfilm -- reels of film in 35 mm width
  • MPT = Microprint (opaques) -- stiff 3" x 5" cards with black text on a white background
  • MCD = Microcard (opaques) -- stiff cards with black text on a white background, usually 6" x 9"
Microtext Reader