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Microtext Collection

Microtext Subject Guide: Colonial America

American Culture Series, 1493-1875 MFM 1144
This large collection of 5,750 titles of early American books and pamphlets provides extensive source material from what are considered to be fundamental research materials in interdisciplinary American Studies curricula. It was based on Bibliography of American Culture by David R. Weimer. It is categorized into 12 disciplines: history (1,574 titles); literature and languages (903 titles); sciences (683 titles); economics (578 titles); philosophy, psychology and religion (472 titles); politics and law (311 titles); military and naval history and science (293 titles); art and architecture (274 titles); anthropology and sociology (240 titles); education (135 titles); journalism (958 titles) and music (45 titles). Equivalent to 6,232 volumes.

  • Format: Microfilm - 643 reels
  • Access: Printed American Culture Series, 1493-1875, A Cumulative Guide to the Microfilm Collection, 1979, edited by Ophelia Lo, in MFM Guides, has author, title, and subject index.

  • American Periodicals, 1741-1900 MFM 159
    This collection consists of three series including more that 1100 periodicals. Series I (1741-1800) contains all issues of all periodicals (88 titles) which could be located for these years. They cover eighteenth-century American society in all its phases. Series II (1800- 1850) has 923 titles which reflect the spirit of nationalism, westward expansion, and the issue of slavery, and includes religious periodicals and magazines for women and children. Series III (1850-1900) contains 117 titles through which readers can trace the philosophical, social, and literary background of the Civil War and Reconstruction Eras, the beginnings of professional journals, and the first examples of modern advertising slogans. Because no particular order of filming was followed, access to titles depends upon the printed guide.

  • Format: Microfilm - 2770 reels
  • Access: Printed guide, Hoornstra, American Periodicals 1741-1900, An Index to the Microfilm Collections in MFM Guides contains indexes of periodical titles, subjects of the periodicals, and editors. Nearly 100 titles are indexed in Poole's Index to Periodical Literature and some are included in 19th Century Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature, 1890-1899.

  • Benjamin Franklin's Account Books MFM 369
    The American Philosophical Society, founded by Franklin and his friends in 1743, and the Yale University Press began a joint project to publish almost everything written by or to Franklin. The account books, which are not included in the Papers, fall into four main categories: domestic and personal accounts, business accounts, accounts of the Philadelphia Post Office during and after Franklin's tenure as Philadelphia postmaster, and Franklin's public accounts when he served in London and France.

  • Format: Microfilm - 3 reels
  • Access: Printed Guide to the Microfilm Edition of Benjamin Franklin's Account Books in MFM Guides

  • Early American History Research Reports from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation MFE 4094
    Reprints of 495 documents relating to Colonial Williamsburg. Divided into the following subject areas: Archeology, Decorative Arts, Trades, History, and Architecture.

  • Format: Microfiche

  • Early American Newspapers MPT 1-12, 15-21, & 25-35
    These reprints of newspapers printed in America from 1704 to 1787 in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Georgia provide excellent primary sources for early history.

  • Format: Microprint - Please note that a printed copy cannot be made from this format.
  • Access: Although no subject index is available, by using books of American history facts and dates one can locate titles likely to contain a piece of desired information

  • Jeffersonian Americana MCD 289 thru MCD 997
    Includes 708 scarce volumes of Americana up to about 1835. While the name of collection suggests that it includes only volumes relating to the Jeffersonian era, in fact it contains many excellent primary source materials for the Columbian, Colonial, Revolutionary, and Federal periods which were either in Jefferson's library or were printed during the Jeffersonian era. The number from Sabin's Bibliotheca Americana is given, but the arrangement is in two alphabetical files by main entry, usually author.

  • Format: Microcard - Please note that a printed copy cannot be made from this format.
  • Access: Author cards in microtext catalog and series cards (Jeffersonian Americana) in card catalog. (Not in on-line catalog as of 5/92)