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Microtext Collection

Microtext Subject Guide: Criminal Justice

[Juvenile Justice Documents] MFE 2716-2723
Research reports from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service.

  • Format: Microfiche
  • Access: On-line Catalog
  • Additional Subject: Social Sciences

  • Abstracts on Crime and Juvenile Delinquency, 1968-1975, and Update, 1976 MFM 380
    The first file contains 11,001 abstracts on crime and delinquency literature prepared by the Information Center staff of the National Council on Crime and Delinquency between the years 1968 and 1975. Additional files include annual updates. They cover virtually every significant subject in the field of criminal justice, including the causes, effects, settings, and remedies for crime in both its adult and juvenile manifestations. Abstracts are included from more than 180 professional journals as well as books, pamphlets, monographs, federal and state documents, dissertations, case studies, task force findings, and statistical analyses.

  • Format: Microfilm - 21 reels
  • Access: Printed Index to Abstracts on Crime and Juvenile Delinquency, 1968-1975 and Abstracts on Crime and Juvenile Delinquency, 1976

  • Bureau of Social Hygiene Project and Research Files, 1913-1940 MFM 1346
    Topics covered include "Narcotics," "Social Hygiene" (e.g., prostitution), "Juvenile Delinquency," and "Criminology."

  • Format: Microfilm
  • Access: See the printed guide to this collection in the MFM Guides (MFM 1346 Guide)

  • File on the Osage Indian Murders MFM 952
    During the early 1920's between one and two dozen Osage Indians were murdered or simply "disappeared" from their oil-rich lands in northeastern Oklahoma. As wards of the federal government, their special status brought investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation who met fear and suspicion from the Osage and friendly whites alike. Despite the difficulties, the FBI, under the young director J. Edgar Hoover, avidly pursued the murderers and eventually secured life-term convictions in what became one of its most celebrated cases. Compelling source material can be found here concerning the Osage people, Oklahoma, early 20th century politics and law enforcement as well as a first-rate murder mystery and a demanding murder investigation.

  • Format: Microfilm - 3 reels
  • Access: Printed Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the FBI File on the Osage Indian Murders in MFM Guides
  • Additional Subject: History. Oklahoma
  • Additional Subject: Indians of the U.S.

  • National Criminal Justice Reference Service, Documents on Crime and Law Enforcement MFE 2239
    During the past 50 years there have been five major national commissions charged with studying the administration of justice and causes of violence in the U.S. This SLIM (Selected Library in Microfiche) collection contains full-text reports issued by these commissions.
    1. National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement, 1931 (Wickersham Commission), 14 reports.
    2. U.S. President's Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice, 1967, (Chairman, Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach), 10 reports
    3. National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence, 1969, (Chairman, Dr. Milton Eisenhower) 14 volumes of recommendations.
    4. National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals, 1973, 7 volumes.
    5. National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals, 1976, 6 volumes.

  • Format: Microfiche
  • Additional Subject: Social Sciences

  • Sexual Exploitation of Children MFE 4213
    Contains the full text of 70 documents in the Juvenile Justice Clearinghouse/NCJRS (National Criminal Justice Reference Service) collection on the topic of juvenile sexual exploitation. Subject areas covered include behavioral analysis of molesters and pedophiles, Senate hearings on sexual exploitation, investigation/prosecution techniques, and exemplary programs.

  • Format: Microfiche
  • Access: Pamphlet kept with microfiche gives title listing
  • Additional Subject: Social Sciences