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Microtext Collection

Microtext Subject Guide: Great Britain

Acts of the Privy Council of England. Colonial Series, 1613-1783 MCD 1504
Excellent primary source material on the administration and history of British colonies. Other series of published records of the Council cover earlier and later periods, but this one reveals the large share the Council played in the work of colonial administration. These records of transactions of the Council fall into three parts: (1)chronological accounts of the proceedings written by one of the clerks; (2)The "Plantation Register", bound separately, in which from 1677 to 1806, with certain gaps, are recorded various colonial laws passed or approved by the Council, the instructions issued to Governors, and certain formal letters written to them; and (3)a large mass of unbound papers consisting mainly of petitions and reports issued to the Council by the Board of Trade.

  • Format: Microcard Please note that a printed copy cannot be made from this format.
  • Access: The Register contains an index, the Plantation Register contains a short index at the end of each volume, and the unbound papers are in rough chronological order

  • Annual Reports of the Labour Party, 1900-1960 MFM 774
    Reports, beginning with the inaugural conference, include lists of officers and Executive Committee, reports of Executive Committee, party's annual balance sheet, conference proceedings, and appendix. In 1907 a Parliamentary Report was added and since 1930 this included a special section on the Labour Group in the House of Lords. An index (not always reliable) was added in 1906. These reports portray the changing moods of the Labour Party and reveal the main antagonists and differing opinions for which they stand. Appendices contain the constitution, standing orders, manifestoes, lists, and reports of negotiation.

  • Format: Microfilm - 17 reels
  • Access: Chronological arrangement and annual index beginning in 1906 on reel 1

  • Annual Reports of the Trades Union Congress, 1869-1982 MFM 773
    Reproduces reports of the proceedings of the congresses. Many of the same issues were discussed at this congress and the Labour Party Conferences (see MFM 774 above).

  • Format: Microfilm - 40 reels
  • Access: Chronological arrangement

  • Archives of the British Labour Party; Part I; National Executive Committee Minutes of the Labour Representation Committee, 1900-1906, and Labour Party Since 1906. MFE 923
    Minutes and agenda books of the National Executive Committee from the foundation of the Labour Representation Committee in 1900 through its name change to The Labour Party to the end of 195l. Originals are at Transport House, London.
  • Format: 421 microfiche
  • Access: Chronological arrangement

  • Archives of the British Labour Party, The Women's Labour League, 1906-1918 MFE 4347
    Miscellaneous correspondence, minutes, account books, list of subscribers, committee minutes, etc. of the League. See also MFE 4346 (entry # 224).

  • Format: Microfiche: 38 fiche

  • Archives of the Parliamentary Labour Party [1906-1968] MFE 3629
    Includes all the minutes of the weekly meetings of the PLP for 62 years, from its Edwardian origins in 1906 through years which saw the party's landslide victory of 1945, the challenges of the 1950's and the divisions within the party following the 1951 defeat.

  • Format: 264 microfiche
  • Additional Subject: Labor

  • Archives of the Trades Union Congress; General Council Minutes MFE 924
    The private minute books of the General Council, the executive body of the Trades Union Congress, 1921-1946. The General Council was first constituted in 1921 to replace the old Parliamentary Committee and to give centralized leadership to the whole trade union movement. Originals are at Congress House, London. See also MFM 683 for Committee Minutes.

  • Format: 88 Microfiche
  • Access: Microfiche index preceding the minutes after 1923.

  • British and Foreign State Papers (v.1-138, 1812-1934) MFE 228
    Documents in the history of Great Britain and international relations from 1373-1934. Includes treaties and correspondence on foreign affairs, constitutions of foreign countries and similar organic laws, significant government documents, and Hertslet's commercial treaties.

  • Format: Microfiche
  • Access: Microfiche - indexes are volumes 64, 93, 115, and 138.

  • British Parliamentary Papers, House of Commons MFE 4480
    The Parliamentary Debates (Hansard) from 1980-1990. See MPT 22 (entry # 66) for earlier years.

  • Format: Microfiche
  • Access: Microfiche index in December of each year

  • British Parliamentary Papers, House of Lords MFE 4481
    Parliamentary debates (Hansard) from 1980-1990. See MPT 22 (entry # 66) for earlier years.

  • Format: Microfiche
  • Access: Microfiche index in December of each year

  • British Sessional Papers; House of Commons, 1731-1800 and 1801-1848 MPT 24
    "Sessional Papers" refers to the Parliamentary Papers arranged in sessional sets. The Abbot Collection, 1731-1800, comprises 111 folio volumes of separately printed papers which had been gathered and bound by Charles Abbot into three groups - bills, reports, accounts and papers - each in chronological order, with an index. Since 1801, at the end of each session the papers which have been before Parliament are bound into volumes to form a series which has become known as the bound sets of sessional papers. Each session's papers are arranged in four groups - bills, reports of committees, reports of commissioners and accounts and papers - the papers within each group being bound in alphabetical subject order.

  • Format: Microprint - Please note that a printed copy cannot be made from this format.
  • Access: See note on arrangement

  • Cabinet Reports from Prime Ministers to the Crown MFM 385 and MFM 497
    A reproduction of letters from the "Series of Manuscript Letters" preserved in the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle. Until the formation of the Cabinet Secretariat in December, 1916, no minutes were kept of proceedings at Cabinet meetings. The only record of Cabinet decisions was contained in the letters written by Prime Ministers to the Sovereign after each meeting. These letters vary from brief statements of subjects discussed to more detailed accounts of arguments made and decisions reached. MFM 497 covers the years 1837-1867 and MFM 385 covers 1868-1916.

  • Format: Microfilm - MFM 385 = 13 reels; MFM 497 = 5 reels
  • Access: Chronological arrangement and a listing of brief subjects at beginning of reel 1 of each collection

  • Diplomatic Correspondence of British Ministers to the Russian Court - 1704- 1776 MFE 578
    Collection of correspondence of British ministers accredited to the Russian Court at St. Petersburg, 1704-1776. A primary source for information about the relations of two of the major powers of Europe during the eighteenth century. Collection is reproduced from 15 volumes of the Publications of the Imperial Russian Historical Society issued between 1867 and 1916.

  • Format: Microfiche
  • Access: Printed Chronological Index to the Diplomatic Correspondence of British Ministers to the Russian Court at St. Petersburg, 1704-76.

  • Great Britain. Calendar of State Papers (v.1-38, 1202-1675) MFE 229 and MCD 1506
    MFE 229 contains state papers and manuscripts relating to English Affairs, existing in the archives and collections of Venice and other libraries of Northern Italy. See MCD 1506 for Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, v. I-XL, 1574-1733, preserved in the Public Record Office.

  • Format: Microfiche and Microcards - Please note that a printed copy cannot be made from microcards.
  • Access: Microfiche - index at end of each volume.

  • Great Britain. Foreign Office. General Correspondence MFM 173
    Reproduces parts of records from FO 27, 65, and 352 which contain foreign office correspondence with France and Russia 1828-1830, Stratford-Canning Papers, and General Correspondence.

  • Format: Microfilm - 24 reels

  • The Hamond Naval Papers, 1766-1825 MFM 26
    This collection from the University of Virginia Library contains the papers of Captain Andrew Shape Hamond (1766-1783) and those of his son, Admiral Graham Eden Hamond (1799-1825). A.S. Hamond's papers are primarily concerned with British naval operations during the American Revolutionary War and G.E. Hamond's papers are primarily concerned with British naval operations in the Napoleonic era, particularly in the Mediterranean theater.

  • Format: Microfilm - 3 reels
  • Access: Printed Hamond Naval Papers, 1766-1825 in MFM guides

  • Hansard's Debates MPT 22
    The Debates are the official records of things said in Parliament. They are substantially verbatim. Originally published as a private venture by William Cobbett and designed to form a continuation of The Parliamentary History from 1066 to 1803. Thomas Curson Hansard was a printer who took over the projects in 1812 when Cobbett sold his interests. From 1829 Hansard printed on the title page of the Debates Hansard's Parliamentary Debates. They became commonly - and since 1943 officially - known as Hansard. Todd Library has microprint copies of: 1- Hansard's Debates; Cobbett's Parliamentary History of England; 1066-1830: 2- Hansard's Parliamentary Debates; 1830-1891: 3- Hansard's Parliamentary Debates; House of Commons; 1909-1980: 4- Hansard's Parliamentary Debates; House of Lords; 1975- 1980.

  • Format: Microprint - Please note that a printed copy cannot be made from this format.
  • Access: Microprint indexes

  • Journals; House of Commons; 1547-1900 MPT 23
    The Journal is the official record of the proceedings of the House, compiled each day in the Journal Office from Votes and Proceedings and the minute books of the clerks. The first Journal, known as the Seymour Journal, was written in 1547. It is not drawn up in the form of minutes, but in a more explanatory narrative form, recording fully and formally a number of things which used to be done but which are now taken for granted. Therefore, on matters of precedent it is an unsafe guide to anyone not familiar with its conventional language. However, it is the most accessible record of the activities of Parliament for over four centuries and is therefore a mine of information.

  • Format: Microprint - Please note that a printed copy cannot be made from this format.

  • Papers of Sir James Graham MFM 795
    Graham (1792-1861) served as First Lord of the Admiralty under Earl de Grey and Lord Aberdeen and as Home Secretary during the Chartist disturbances in the premiership of Sir Robert Peel. Todd Library has Part One, General Files for 1820-1860, from his papers, which provide excellent source material on British and social history.

  • Format: Microfilm - 24 reels
  • Access: Reel list at beginning of reel 1

  • State Papers (Foreign) MFM 499 and MFM 500
    MFM 500 reproduces the manuscripts during the reign of Edward VI, 1547-1553 (6 reels) and MFM 499 reproduces those of Mary I, 1553-1558 (5 reels).

  • Format: Microfilm - 11 reels
  • Additional Subject: International Relations

  • State Papers of Queen Anne, 1702-1714 MFM 495
    These State Papers, arranged chronologically and identified and cross-referenced by subject area, provide much source material to help explain the growing ties between the English state and the English public during the reign of Queen Anne. Topics covered include the War of Spanish Succession (1702-1713) and England's union with Scotland (1707) with their many connections with trade and finance; five national elections; the Sacheverell Affair (1708-1710); the emergence of administrative professionalism and the cabinet system; and the notable increase of involvement with private citizens.

  • Format: Microfilm - 15 reels
  • Access: Printed Chronological Catalogue and Index to the Microfilm Edition of the State Papers of Queen Anne, 1702-1714 in MFM Guides

  • Women's Labour League-Labour Party Women's Organization MFE 4346
    Founded in 1906, the Women's Labour League was a broadly based feminist pressure group in England drawing members and support from the Labour Party, Trade Unions, and similar organizations. The ideals of the League were for socialism and equality for all, but they focused their efforts on achieving equality for women. To achieve wider scope and a greater measure of support the Women's Labour League disappeared as a separate affiliated organization in 1918 and became an integrated section of the Labour Party as the Labour Party Women's Organization. The Conference Proceedings and Annual Reports (71 fiche) cover 1906-1977. The League Leaflet, and Continuations (including The Labour Woman) (176 fiche) covers 1911-1971. See also MFE 4347 (entry # 211).

  • Format: Microfiche: 247 fiche