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Microtext Collection

Microtext Subject Guide: Middle Eastern History

Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files; Palestine and Israel: Internal Affairs, 1945-1949 and Foreign Affairs, 1945-1949 MFM 793
The documents in this collection are from the Records of the Department of State, Central Files: Palestine-Israel. They can be found at the National Archives, Washington, D.C. Internal affairs covered include government affairs, safety, health, firearms, drug traffic, public works, military affairs including espionage and intelligence, military equipment and supplies, social matters including race problems and religion, calamities, economic matters, financial conditions, industrial matters, and communication. Foreign affairs covered include bilateral relations in the Middle East and U.S. - Israeli relations.

  • Format: Microfilm - 29 reels
  • Access: Printed Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files, Palestine and Israel, Internal Affairs 1945-1949 and Foreign Affairs 1945-1949 in MFM Guides

  • The Middle East MFM 386
    This is Part VII of O.S.S./State Department Intelligence and Research Reports. It includes source material covering October, 1941 through 1949.

  • Format: Microfilm - 3 reels
  • Access: Printed Guide to O.S.S./State Department Intelligence and Research Reports; Part VII, The Middle East, 1977, in MFM Guides

  • The Middle East: Special Studies, 1970-1982 MFM 725
    This collection includes federally commissioned, in-depth research on topics of the highest priority from leading public and private policy research facilities. Some titles from this collection:

    • Israeli Reprisal Policy and the Limits of U.S. Influence (1970)
    • Iran and the Persian Gulf (1971)
    • The Egyptian Expulsion of Soviet Military Personnel in July 1972: Causes and Impact (1973)
    • Pro-Israel Interest Groups and the Formulation of U.S. Foreign Policy for the Middle East (1973)
    • Palestinian Guerilla Organizations: Revolution or Terror as an End? (1973)
    • The Arab Elite World View: A Report on Arab Perceptions of Regional Security Issues (1975)
    • The Impact of Modernization in Saudi Arabia (1978)
      • Format: Microfilm - 18 reels
      • Access: Printed reel index, in MFM Guides.