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Microtext Collection

Microtext Subject Guide: Tennessee History

Assessment Lists of the U.S. Direct Tax Commission for the District of Tennessee, 1862 MFM 470
"Assessments made under the Act of Congress entitled, 'An Act for the Collection of Direct Taxes in the insurrectionary districts, within the United States, and other purposes' approved June 7, 1862, and the act amendatory thereto." Arranged by name of county, then landowner. Gives number of acres, valuation, and taxes due. From originals in the National Archives.

  • Format: Microfilm - 6 reels
  • Access: Arranged by county and landowner
  • Additional Subject: History. U.S. Civil War

  • Census, Tennessee MFM 13
    The population schedules for each census year for the state of Tennessee. The 1810 census includes Rutherford County only; 1820- 1920 includes the entire state. Schedules through 1840 show names of only the heads of families and persons not within a family unit, other members of the families being accounted for statistically by age group, sex, and race. Subsequent schedules list each individual in a household by name with the exception of the separately bound slave schedules for 1850 and 1860 which show the name of the owner together with the number of slaves by age group and sex.

  • Format: Microfilm
  • Access: Arranged by county

  • FBI File on the Highlander Folk School MFM 1296

  • Format: Microfilm
  • Access: Printed Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the FBI File on the Highlander Folk School [MFM 1296 Guide]

  • Index to Records of Volunteer Soldiers who Fought in Cherokee Disturbance, Tennessee MFM 221
    An alphabetical listing of name, rank, and unit in which he served for soldiers in the compiled service records of volunteer soldiers in the Cherokee disturbance. The compiled records are arranged by unit. Records can be located only if unit is known.

  • Format: Microfilm - 3 reels
  • Access: Alphabetical arrangement

  • Murfreesboro City Council Minutes, 1878-1912 MFM 481
    Reproductions of the minutes of the council meetings.

  • Format: Microfilm - 2 reels
  • Access: Chronological arrangement

  • New York Times Oral History Program MFM 387
    Todd Library has the "Sangamon State University Oral History Collection, Part I" and "Tennessee Regional Oral History Collection of the Memphis Public Library, Part I" from this collection. Good source material on midwestern local history (mainly Illinois) and Memphis history.

  • Format: Microfilm - 2 reels
  • Access: Printed The New York Times Oral History Program, Oral History Guide No. 1, 1976, in MFM Guides includes the Sangamon Collection

  • North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee, 1778-91 MFM 471
    Lists, prepared in the Office of the Secretary of State of North Carolina in 1791, of land grants within the territory ceded to the United States in 1790. Information given for each grant includes the number, name of grantee, number of acres, year grant was made, county, and location.

  • Format: Microfilm - 1 reel

  • Operation Dixie: The CIO Organizing Committee Papers, 1946-1953 MFM 1277
    The Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) launched "Operation Dixie" as an attempt to unionize the South. This collection includes the records from four states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. This collection includes correspondence, administrative reports, legal materials, membership records, serials and flyers, and newspaper clippings.

  • Format: 75 microfilm reels
  • Access: see the guide for this collection in the MFM Guides (MFM 1277)

  • Records of the States - Territory South of the River Ohio (Tenn.) MFM 102
    A compilation prepared by the Library of Congress in association with the University of North Carolina. The purpose of this monumental collection was to assemble in microfilm form the official records of the states of the U.S. in order to prepare an encyclopedia of source materials. Initially limited to the proceedings of the legislative assemblies of the American colonies, territories, and states, it was later expanded to cover other classes. Todd Library has Class A - Legislative Bodies, which presents the proceedings, session by session, of the legislative assemblies of the territory, beginning with the earliest record extant (1794) down to a terminal date (1855). The appendix to the journal was often a medium for official publication by all agencies of state government and is therefore an important source for documents for the period. See MFM 103 for the records concerning Georgia.

  • Format: Microfilm - 18 reels
  • Access: Indexes on microfilm (Senate Journal on reel 9)

  • Selected Records of the Tennessee Field Office of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, 1865-1872 MFM 468
    These records include letters sent by the Assistant Commissioner, the Superintendent of Education, the Chief Medical Officer, and the General Claims Agent as well as office records and reports, leases for abandoned property, and labor contracts. Excellent source material for the period covered.

  • Format: Microfilm - 73 reels
  • Access: Reproduction of the appropriate part of Black Studies: A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications, 1984, in MFM Guides

  • State Department Territorial Papers: Territory Southwest of the River Ohio, 1790- 1795 MFM 472
    Reproduction of the bound volume of papers of the Department of State relating to the "Southwest Territory". From the series "Papers and Records of the Territories" in the National Archives.

  • Format: Microfilm - 1 reel

  • Tennessee Convention MFE 227
    Duplicates of the official records of the Tennessee State Constitutional Conventions and copies of the constitutions adopted 1796-1961. For additional material, see MFE 347-8 (entry # 123).

  • Format: Microfiche
  • Access: Chronological arrangement

  • Will Books - Davidson County, Tenn-North Carolina MFM 489
    Covers 1782? - 1888

  • Format: Microfilm - 13 reels
  • Access: Microfilmed index at beginning of each volume and Roll List in MFM Guides

  • World War I Gold Star Records MFM 821
    The Gold Star was awarded to those World War I soldiers from Tennessee who lost their lives in combat or by disease. In the 1920's the state library gathered information such as service records, photographs, letters, diaries, and newspaper clippings by and about these soldiers.

  • Format: Microfilm - 7 reels
  • Access: Index at beginning of reel 1

  • State Censuses MFE 1682
    Includes the following state census enumerations: Alabama - 1838, 1840, 1844; Arkansas - 1854; Georgia - 1824, 1831; Indiana -1801, 1815; Mississippi - 1816, 1840, 1880; South Carolina - 1868, 1875; Tennessee - 1805, 1812, 1819, 1826, 1833; Texas - 1847, 1848.

  • Format: Microfiche
  • Access: Geographical arrangement

  • State Constitutional Conventions from Independence to the Completion of the Present Union; 1776-1959 MFE 347
    Official records of the state constitutional conventions and copies of the constitutions which were adopted. Todd Library has the following states: Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

  • Format: Microfiche
  • Access: Printed annotated bibliography of the original materials - State Constitutional Conventions in MFE Guides.
  • Additional Subject: History. Tennessee