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A Serious Collection of Fun Books: Glossary

A Glossary of Movable Book Terms

Movable Book:            A general, catch-all term. Any book with elements designed for movement is a movable book or has movable components.

Pop-Up Book:              A book with pictorial elements that “pop-up” as pages are turned.

Pull-Tab Book:            Also known as animated books. These usually have a pull-tab mechanism to create movement.

Tunnel Book:              Also known as peepshow or telescopic books. They are constructed like a paper accordion with a hole in the cover.  When the accordion-like folds are expanded and you look through the hole, the book creates a scene with an optical illusion of depth.

Carousel Book:           A book constructed so that the back and front covers are joined together to create a 360-degree scene or series of scenes that are viewed “in the round.”

Volvelle:                     Volvelles are paper discs that are turned or rotated to create movement or change a scene.

Flap Book:                  Flap books typically have horizontally cut pages that form “flaps.” The picture changes as you turn up the flaps.

Slat Book:                   A book with a scene displayed on slats positioned over another, hidden scene.  When a tab is pulled, one set of slats moves under or over the other set to reveal a different scene. Slat books are also known as transformation or jalousie books