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Biology: Books & Reference

Call Numbers for Biology

Walker Library is moving from the Dewey Decimal System of classification to the Library of Congress (LC) system. During this process, we are using both systems, with LC books and Dewey books on different floors. You can find a specific book's location and call number in the Library Catalog.

LC Call Numbers (2nd floor)

QH1-199.5 Nature conservation, geographical distribution
QH201-278.5 Microscopy
QH301-705.5 Biology (general)
QH359-425 Evolution
QH426-470 Genetics
QH471-489 Reproduction
QH501-531 Life
QH540-549.5 Ecology
QH573-671 Cytology
QH705-705.5 Economic biology
QK Botany
QL Zoology
QP Physiology
QR Microbiology

Dewey Call Numbers (3rd & 4th floors)

574 Biology
575 Evolution & genetics
576 Microbiology
577 General nature of life
578 Microscopy in biology
579 Collection and preservation
580 Botanical sciences
581 Botany
582 Spermatophyta (Seed-bearing plants)
583 Dicotyledones
584 Monocotyledones
585 Gymnospermae (Pinophyta)
586 Cryptogamia (Seedless plants)
587 Pteridophyta (Vascular cryptograms)
588 Bryophyta
589 Thallobionta & Prokaryotae
590 Zoological sciences
591 Zoology
592 Invertebrates
593 Protozoa, Echinodermata, related phyla
594 Mollusca & Molluscoidea
595 Other invertebrates
596 Vertebrata (Craniata, Vertebrates)
597 Cold-blooded vertebrates Fishes
598 Aves (Birds)
599 Mammalia (Mammals)

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