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Chemistry Call Numbers

Walker Library is moving from the Dewey Decimal System of classification to the Library of Congress (LC) system. During this process, we are using both systems, with LC books and Dewey books on different floors. You can find a specific book's location and call number in the Library Catalog.

LC Call Numbers (2nd floor)

QD1-999 Chemistry

QD1-65 General

QD71-142 Analytical chemistry

QD146-197 Inorganic chemistry

QD241-441 Organic chemistry

QD415-436 Biochemistry

QD450-801 Physical and theoretical chemistry

QD625-655 Radiation chemistry

QD701-731 Photochemistry

QD901-999 Crystallography

Dewey Call Numbers (3rd & 4th floors)

540 Chemistry & allied sciences

541 Physical & theoretical chemistry

542 Techniques, equipment, materials

543 Analytical chemistry

544 Qualitative analysis

545 Quantitative analysis

546 Inorganic chemistry

547 Organic chemistry

548 Crystallography

549 Mineralogy

660 Chemical Engineering


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