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Media Resources: Media Collections

Describes the media collection at Walker library.

Types of Media

Documentary Films

Films are purchased  to support the curriculum objectives, classroom instruction, and independent learning at MTSU.

We welcome suggestions for new videos and films.

Popular Films

The media collection includes a selection of popular feature films. These were purchased to support the teaching and curriculum needs of faculty, students and staff.  

Audiobooks/ Sound Recordings

The collection includes a large number of older audio titles on cassette. The latest audiobooks are in CD format and include best-seller popular fiction and non-fiction titles as well as some classics.  

Walker Library no longer purchases audiobooks.


Restrictions on Use

DVDs and videotapes are loaned for the purpose of showing in an official MTSU class or home use.

Other uses, including showings on campus, may violate terms of the license agreement.

The borrower is responsible for understanding and observing all licensing restrictions and related laws. Please ask if you have questions.  

Videos with an "a" at the end of the call number i.e. (B01234a, H01234a), include public performance rights.

Videos with an  "R" at the end, do not include public performance rights. 

For new materials (since the merger in 2012)  check for a note in the record to see if it comes with public performance rights or not. 

Media Collections at Walker Library

What Media is in the Media Library Collection?

A variety of formats has been collected over the years.

Videos Online (Streaming Media)

Besides the media physically located at Walker Library, there is an extensive collection of thousands of licensed streaming video available to MTSU faculty, students, and staff.  See the Streaming Video tab for more information.   

Videos in the Library 

The Media Collection at Walker library includes over 12,000 titles including feature films, documentaries, animated films, and instructional programs.  Formats include DVDs.

Note:  Videotapes (VHS) have been removed from the collection. 

  • DVD call numbers cataloged before the merger begin with "B". 
  • DVDS added since the merger begin with "DVD 120" 

For example:  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 1.  Call No. B02993R  (The "R" indicated it was restricted; no public performance rights) 

            El edificio de los chilenos (The Chilean Building)  Call No. DVD - 120 (Info about public performance rights will now be included in the record)

Audio materials in the Library (Overdrive for auidobooks, ebooks)CDs, audiocassettes)

Audio CD:  The Vital History Collection includes over . The Lannon Foundation Audio Archive, and the (AES) Audio Engineering Society collection of interviews are also in the media collection. 

  • Audiobooks on CD:  Over 500 mostly unabridged Audiobooks on CD which feature best sellers as well as classic fiction/non-fiction titles.  
  •  Audiocassettes: Over 1200  (single disc and audiobooks). If you drive an old car, you're in business!

Note:  (We no longer purchase audiobooks for the collection.)

  • Audio CDs include speeches, music, poetry readings etc.   Call numbers begin with "D".  
  •  Audiobooks on CD, use "G" as the call number to differentiate the two sets.
  • There is no difference technically in the format of the "D's" and "G's".  as well as several hundred CD-ROMs. 

Overdrive Platform for audiobook/ ebooks.

Call numbers of Video and Audio.

  • Audiocassette call numbers begin with: "A".     For example:  Return of Sherlock Holmes.  Call No:  A01056a. 
  • Books on CD call numbers begin with "G".   For exmaple:  The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.  Call. No. G00300a.
  • Sound Recordings  call numbers begin with "D". For example: Resident Reagan's State of the Union Address D00295a.


The collection is located behind the Circulation Desk on the first floor.  Materials may be searched using the Library Catalog or the JEWL Search box on the Main Library page. 

Other Media

Media resources also include CD-ROMs,  (Over 300 titles) and a few DVD-ROMs (7 titles).  

  • CD-ROMs call numbers begin with "C". 
  •    Example: Trip Planning: Journey to Cedar Creek (Jasper Woodbury series) Call. No.  C00307a   
  • DVD-ROMs call numbers begin with "E".  
  •    Example:  Becoming a Master Teacher series: Teaching Children Physcial Education. Call. No. E00004R






Find Videos and Audiobooks

Media Collection: Streaming videos, music, and audiobooks

Walker Library has thousands of online and physical media items. Search the Library Catalog for titles or subjects and filter by media type under Format.