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Introduction to D2L's ePortfolio

This guide is designed to introduce you to the basics of creating an ePortfolio.

You are able to move the navigation menu that contains the names of your pages.  Default it goes to the left.  you can change it to be on right or above the main content area.  To change this click on the "Edit Presentation Navigation" button.  Note that changing this will apply to the ENTIRE presentation.

After clicking this you will see your options, select which one you want then save.

You can also change the content layout on each page.  Click on the "Edit Page Layout" text.  This allows you to change the content layout of INDIVIDUAL PAGES.  This will apply to the page that is selected.

After this you have the option of 1 or 2 content areas.  This only applies to the page that you have selected.  Some page topics will be better suited to just a single content area and some suited better to have both content areas.  The smaller content area is always better for accompanying information, not the main topic of the page.