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Introduction to D2L's ePortfolio

This guide is designed to introduce you to the basics of creating an ePortfolio.


Video 10: Sharing Your Presentation

When you are finally done editing your ePortfolio presentation, you will want to share it with your instructor, with potential employees, or you may want to add a link to your personal website.

As I have said before, your current project is a private document.

Not even the tech desk on campus can access your ePortfolio.

To share your portfolio with others we need to adjust some settings to make it viewable and then pass out a link to your ePortfolio for others to view.

Before we dive in, I want to give you a quick word of caution: once your presentation is shared beyond the MTSU server, you have no control over who or when someone will see your presentation.

If you plan to send your ePortfolio out or post it to your personal website, make sure that the portfolio has everything you want on it and that you are happy with the design.

Make sure everything is legible, you would not want to send out an assignment to a professor which is incomplete or full of errors, and you should try to avoid the same with your presentation.

While any corrections you make to your ePortfolio will automatically update all links as well, you cannot be sure that an employer hasn't already seen your work once it is sent out.

It is best to give your e-portfolio a thorough once-over before sending it out to the internet world.

The first step for sending out an ePortfolio to any source is to make it discoverable.

I recommend that you do this even if you are sending it to your professor.

I often encourage students to send their professor the link to their ePortfolio along with submitting to the Dropbox so that the professor has multiple avenues to access and grade the ePortfolio.

The more chances the professor has to see your work, the more likely it is you will get a grade for your work and not an incomplete.

We are going to start on our ePortfolio news feed page.

I'm going to select a random portfolio, but you should select the portfolio you specifically want to send out.

To the right of the title of your portfolio is a small downward arrow; we will select this area and select share from the drop-down menu that appears.

A new window will pop up with multiple options and settings you can customize.

The fastest and easiest method of making your ePortfolio shareable is to select the allow anyone with share URL to view the presentation button.

There is a check box on the left side of the dialog.

By default, this box is not checked so with every presentation you make or every template you use you'll have to go in and check this box.

Directly below the dialog box is the share URL this is the link to your ePortfolio, the way that most people will access your portfolio.

Even when submitting to Dropbox I like to copy this URL and post it to my professor so they can use it in case of an emergency.

If you are sharing this ePortfolio with someone outside of MTSU, you will need to send them this link so they can access your ePortfolio.

If you are linking to your portfolio from a personal web page then you should create a link with this URL on your personal website.

A final word of caution if you are using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer while attempting to copy this link, then the system will try and copy the entire dialog box instead of just the link.

If you are pressed for time you can always copy all the information and paste it in a word document, and then delete around the link until you have what you need.

However, my suggestion is to try using Google Chrome or Firefox when interacting with the ePortfolio system as D2L has other major problems with Internet Explorer.

You can now share your ePortfolio with anyone who you want to see it.