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Introduction to D2L's ePortfolio

This guide is designed to introduce you to the basics of creating an ePortfolio.

Video Note text

In the Summer of 2018 D2L was updated to a new version. The videos are from the older version but the processes and button presses are all the same even though the look of your version of D2L might be different. We are currently working to update these videos.

As you go through the videos, there are a couple of terms which will come up repeatedly. Please note what they are so you can be prepared.

ePortfolio- this technically refers to the presentation you create in D2L, however, many people use it to refer to the system in D2L as well. Know that your ePortfolio is the finished presentation you create.

Artifact- An artifact is anything you add to your portfolio, specifically things which demonstrate your learning here at MTSU. Artifacts can be any digital document, including pictures, videos, and links to outside sources.

ePortfolio News Feed- I like to refer to the main page in D2L for your ePortfolio as a news feed. It looks and functions like many social media news feed systems, with new items appearing at the top, and older items at the bottom.

carrot- the downward arrow looking button next to the titles of the sections of your ePortfolio. (v) To me it looks like the bottom of a carrot, so I often refer to it as that when teaching ePortfolio training sessions.