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MUAP 2371 / 2372 : Voice: 4th-Year / Seniors

Resouces for Voice Students

Oxford Music Online (Grove Online)

Repertoire Sources

Resources for Program Notes


Providing good translations of what you're singing is important to your audience. Be sure that you give credit to the translator!

  • A few titles with their call numbers are listed on the Music Research Guide under the Translation and IPA Sources tab.
  • Do a subject search for songs texts in the catalog. Limit your results to "Main Collection."
  • Do a subject search for librettos in the catalog.
  • Do an "All Fields" search for Nico Castel Libretti in the catalog.
  • The LiederNet Archive
  • Don't forget liner notes!

Notes about the Songs/Composers

Knowing something about the composer or the song may help your audience become more engaged with your performance.

  • Composer Biographies
    • Do a subject search for the composer in the catalog.
    • Check the index in the back of the biography to see if individual songs are listed.
  • Companions
    • Do an "All Fields" search for companion and the composer's last name in the catalog.
  • Books about the Genre
    • Do a subject search for songs history and criticism in the catalog.
    • You may want to add a language to the search terms, for instance:
      german songs history and criticism
  • Don't forget liner notes that accompany sound recordings!



Thinking about graduate school? Go to Advanced Search, then select the link for Criteria Search. Click the Masters' Degree button and enter any limits needed. There are several different music degrees to choose from.

Libraries Post-Graduation

MTSU Alumni Borrowing Policies

After graduation, you will have borrowing privileges in Walker Library

  • Scores: up to 10 at one time for 2 weeks with 1 renewal
  • Sound Recordings and Videos: in library use only
  • Curriculum Collection: 
    • Textbooks: up to 50 at one time for 2 weeks with no renewals
    • All Other Curriculum Materials: up to 10 at one time for 2 weeks with 1 renewal
  • Books: up to 10 at one time for 2 weeks with 1 renewal
  • Databases: in library use only

Public Libraries

Many cities have outstanding music collections in their public libraries, such as the New York Public Library.

College/University Libraries

If you reside in a college town, see if the college offers a music degree. If so, they probably have a music collection. Get to know the Music Librarian and find out what their borrowing policies are for individuals who live in the community.