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Genealogy Resources: Home

This guide focuses on family history resources available at the MTSU Library.

Digital Collections

Walker Library Microtext Collection -- 2nd Floor

Genealogy Resources located in the Microtext Collection on the 2nd Floor of the Walker Library.
  • Census Records (1810-1930) all counties in Tennessee (MFM 13)
  • Census index books
  • Slave Census - 1850 and 1860 - Tennessee
  • Military - regimental histories and diaries (WWI Gold star records ) Civil War
  • City directories: (MFM 474) 
    • Ala. Mobile 1872-1901
    • Ark. Little Rock 1861-1902
    • Ga. Atlanta 1861-1935
    • Ga. Savannah 1861-1901
    • Ky. Louisville 1861-1901
    • Ky. Lexington 1861-1882
    • SC. Charleston 1861-1901
    • TN. Chattanooga 1861-1881
    • TN. Memphis 1861-1901
    • TN. Nashville 1853-1926
  • Newspapers
    • Tennessean 1837 - present (MFM 73)
    • Nashville Banner 1880-1997 (MFM 74)
    • Daily News Journal 1820 - present (MFM 84)
    • Murfreesboro early newspapers 1834-1857 (MFM 90)

More Tennessee History Resources in Microtext

Walker Library Stacks -- 4th Floor

Book topics by call number 
Start at call number, then browse shelf

929.1 - Ethnic genealogy 

929.2 - Family histories (some) (Surnames A-Z) 
929.3 - Immigration, wills, marriage records
929.4 - Origin of names, land grants
929.5 - Cemeteries, Rutherford County
929.6 - Heraldry
929.7 - Royalty
976.81 - City Directories - Murfreesboro
976.8551 - City directories - Nashville
976.85 - most Tennessee Counties - (A to Z)
976.857 - Rutherford County Historical Publications

Family names at 929.2 
Adams; Alexander; Allen; Arnold; Astors; Baker; Beecher; Bennet; Benson; Bessie; Burnett; Blair; Bonaparte; Bosket; Boshears; Bouvier; Bradford; Breckinridge; Browder; Buckley; Burns; Bush; Campbell; Carroll; Carter; Clack; Cocke; Coker; Collett; Cook; Colvett; Conyer; Cooper; Crafton; Crain; Cresswell; Cross; Crow Dog Sioux chief; Davidman; Davis; Delany; Delzell; Denton; Dial; Douglas; Drake; Draper; Duke; Du Pont; Eisenhower; Eldridge; Finch; Frist; Gansevoort; Ginsberg; Goodloe; Gordon; Hadley; Haizliip; Haley; Hardeman; Harrod; Hastings; Herbert; Herring; Hil(l)sman; Hite; Holt; Huxley; Ingram; Jaeger; James; Johnson; Jones; Joy; Kalker; Kelly; Kelton; Kempner; Kennedy; Killebrew; King; Kinte; Kuhn; Ligon; Ledford; Lee; Lempriere; Leveridge; Levin; Lewis; Lloyd; Logan; Lowell; Lugo; Maclin; Magan; Martin; Matsuura; Maxwell; McBride; McCord; McCourt; McDowell; McGuire; McGavocks; McGuffey; McNutt; Meadows; Mendelsohn; Moctezuma; Mordecai; Mountbatten; Muhlenberg; Munger; Murguia; Neff; Netherland; Olivas; Overall; Peabody; Percy; Perkins; Phillips; Poindexter; Poyner; Purefoy; Prestwood; Price; Prince; Quarles; Radziwill; Randolph; Ransom; Ridout; Reed; Robertson; Robinson; Rockefeller; Roosevelt; Rothschild; Russell; Saulx-Tavanes; Saunders; Sevier; Shippens; Shoun; Simms; Smith; Smotherman; Snell; Stafford; Strachey; Sudberry; Strachey; Tate; Taylor; Tipton; Umma-More; Walker; Warburg; Ward; Warner; Watt; Weakley; Welch; Westbrooks; White; Whitfield; Whitney; Wilkinson; Williams; Wilson; Wimberly; Wiren; Wood; Wooldridge; Yardley; Yasui

Other topics at 929.2 
British ancestry; Americans of royal descent; Anglo-Norman genealogy; Aztec Kings and rulers genealogy; Brulee Indians; Charles County, Maryland genealogy; Descendents of East Tennessee pioneers; Eleutherian Mills Historical Library; Kansas genealogy; Magna Charta sureties and barons; Massachusetts pioneers; Missouri pioneers; Monongahela River Valley genealogy; Pennsylvania genealogies; Royal portraits; Scottish clans and tartans; Scottish Highlands clans; Society of Friends (Pennsylvania); South Africa; Southern families; Southern states genealogy; Tazewell County (VA) genealogy; Tennessee genealogy; Tennessee records; Texas genealogy; Tilson Grist Mill; United States genealogy; Welsh founders of Pennsylvania

Periodicals -- 1st Floor

Periodicals are located on the 1st floor of the Walker Library.

Other Genealogy Resources

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