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User guide for Micromedex


Micromedex is a suite of tools for drug ID and interaction, IV compatibility, toxicology, drug comparison, lab test information, alternative medicine information, consumer drug information, and dosage calculators. NeoFax and Pediatrics are a neonatal/pediatric add-on to Micromedex. Read more about the individual tools in Micromedex by clicking on “My Subscription” at the top right of the Micromedex home page.

Micromedex Mobile Apps

MTSU users can download any of five free Micromedex mobile apps for iOS or Android operating systems. After you download an app, visit the Micromedex mobile web site to optain the app password. The app password changes once a year.

Available Apps:

  • Drug Reference
  • Drug Interactions
  • IV Compatibility
  • Pediatric Essentials*
  • NeoFax Essentials*

*The app password for the Pediatric and NeoFax apps is on a separate web page. See the instructions on this page for more information.

Installing Micromedex Apps (Drug Reference, Drug Interactions, IV Compatibility

From your mobile device, use the Micromedex link at the top of this guide to access Micromedex and click on Download Center (top right) or Download Mobile Apps (bottom right).


The next page will list the available apps, installation instructions, and the app password for each. You will be asked to update the app password on an annual basis. When the app prompts you for a new password, follow the instructions above to obtain the new password.

Micromedex Mobile Site

Blackberry, iOS, and Android users can access some* Micromedex tools on the Micromedex mobile web site. Instructions: Use the Micromedex link above to access the site from your mobile device.

See for compatibility information.

*NeoFax/Pediatrics, RED BOOK, and CareNotes are not visible on the mobile web site.

Installing NeoFax and Pediatric Apps*

To install the Pediatric Essentials App or the NeoFax Essentials App:

  1. Using your mobile device, download the app from the App Store or Google Play (search for Micromedex to find the apps).
  2. Visit this page (mobile or desktop) to obtain the app password:

You will be asked to update the app password on an annual basis. When the app prompts you to enter a new password, visit the link in step 2 above to obtain the new password.