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Study and Meeting Spaces

The library offers a variety of spaces for collaborative and quiet study.

Quiet Spaces




  • The 3rd and 4th floors past the elevators

  • Room 462 in the northeast corner of the 4th floor 

Quiet Zone Policies

No talking except the occasional whisper.

Use headphones/earbuds to listen to music and videos, not your computer's speakers. Be aware that at high volumes, sound may "leak" from your headphones.

No talking on cell phones. If you need to use a cell phone, please move to the area around the stairway.


What to Do if a Quiet Zone is Too Noisy

Help us keep these zones quiet by reminding other students of their purpose.

If you feel uncomfortable approaching noisy users, you can call for backup and a library staff member will investigate. Contact a librarian through our chat service (below) and let us know exactly where the offenders are and give a brief description of them.

Phone the Service Desk at (615) 898-2817 (option 1).

Use the house phone near the elevators; choose option 1 when the recording finishes. Your call will be routed to the Service Desk.



Questions about Library Quiet Zones may be directed to the Service Desk at (615) 898-2817 (option 1).


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