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Library Research Assignments for Basic and Applied Sciences: Abstract Project

Abstract Project Concept

Students will find a book, attend a lecture, and find an article, all of which are related to their field or topic. They will take the notes on each and then write an abstract for each of the resources according to their disciplines’ conventions of abstracts.

They will then reflect on how each of the sources are different (different purposes, different types of information, different ways of presenting information--beyond the fact that the lecture is spoken--) and how they handled those differences in the writing of the abstract.

Finally, they will look at the abstracts written by the authors of the works and compare their own abstract with the authors reflecting on the similarities and differences (students should focus on content, rather than language). With the things that are different, they should ask why they are different and why the author might have thought that was important.

This could be combined with taking and writing an abstract for their own paper or presentation to include transfer of knowledge.

Abstract Project Documents