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Library Research Assignments for Basic and Applied Sciences: Home


While this research guide can be shown to students, this is meant mainly for instructors who wish to incorporate information sciences (library) technologies and practices into their course design more intentionally. It is not meant as a replacement for all the fantastic things that you are doing in your classes, but rather an easy reference for you to supplement into what you are already doing.

This research guide includes several pieces. There are Individual pages for each of the assignments specifically geared towards science faculty including the lesson plan, the student text of the assignment, and the rubrics that work to assess the student work. The front page includes common tools, databases, and resources to help guide student research; campus services that support and assist students with their assignments; links and campus resources for faculty support in implementing these assignments; and background information on how and why the lesson plans were created. Finally, the about page includes an overview of each of the assignments and a quick snapshot of the objectives they target as well as a section that explains how instructors can use the assignments and explains rubric terminology that breaks down what exactly we mean by the use of certain terms.


Research and Creators

  • Mary Ellen Sloane
  • Denise Quintel
  • Christy Groves
  • Heather Listhartke

Support and Contributors

  • Instructional Evaluational and Development Grant from MTSU Academic Affairs
  • College of Basic and Applied Sciences (MTSU)
  • Walker Library