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ENGL 1010: Expository Writing: Genre Research

Unfamiliar Genre Project

This guide will help you find resources for your Unfamiliar Genre Project. Watch the video below to learn how to use the suggested resources to find your materials. Not every genre is listed in the boxes below or demonstrated in the video. To learn more about finding a genre, reach out to a librarian using the Ask Us box on this page.

Using the JEWL Search

The JEWL Search on the library homepage is great for finding many different types of resources, including these genres:

Book Review      Cause and Effect Essay    Compare/Contrast Essay    Dissertation   Film Review    Journal Article    Literature Review    Newspaper/Magazine Article (editorial/interview/opinion/photo-essay, etc.)    Scientific Article Review 

Watch the JEWL Search part of the video

Find EXAMPLES of these genres by searching for a topic and then choosing the "Source Type" in the filters on the left. (e.g.,  "Global Warming" and then choose Source Type: Review/Dissertation/Newspapers) Or, if the specific type isn't listed, add it as a search term (e.g., "Global Warming" and "photo essay")

You can also find information ABOUT pretty much any genre by searching for "Writing a [Film Review/Editorial/Manifesto/Blog]"

Library Catalog

Use the LIBRARY CATALOG to locate examples of book-based genres and literature, as well as collections of certain types.

Bildungsroman    Fable    Children's Book    Eulogy   Fable   Lament    Lesson Plans    Letters    Liturgy   Manifesto    Memoir    Myth    Novel/Novella    Parody    Poetry    Recipe    Satire    Short Story    Speeches    Tall Tale      

Watch the Library Catalog part of the video

You can search the catalog for these terms, but to find actual EXAMPLES of the genre, and not just books ABOUT the genre,  it is helpful to use the Genre filter to the right of your results. See the video for more information.

Learn about locating books in the library here.

Specialized Databases

The library subscribes to over 500 DATABASES on many different topics. The genres below are linked to lists of specialized databases.

Biographical Summary    Business Case Analysis    Dissertation    Law    Song

Watch this part of the video

Video Guide to Resources

This video correlates to the boxes on this guide. View it to learn more about the library resources recommended for the genres you are interested in. 

Web Searches

You can find sources ABOUT these genres in the JEWL Search, but your best best for finding EXAMPLES is probably through a web search. 

Advertisement (YouTube, Social Media)    Blog Post (try the Bloggeries directory)    Grant Proposal     Lesson Plan    Listicle    Liner Notes (or go to a record store)    Performance    Powerpoint Presentation    Poster Presentation    Public Service Announcement    Speech   Ted Talk    White Paper    Web Page